English Wine Gifts

Deciding which wine to give as a gift can be difficult. With so many wines available from around the world, you might not know where to look. So, which wine do you pick to give as a gift?

English wine is a great choice as it's not only delicious, but it's grown and produced right here in the UK. We've got a fantastic range of beautiful English wines, including a'Beckett's, perfect for any occasion. From rose to red to sparkling, you'll find some of the best wines from the vineyards of England on this page.

What is English wine?

English wine is, as the name suggests, wine made in England. Rather than being grown abroad and bottled in the UK, English wine is grown, produced and bottled all in England. You can also get British wine produced in areas such as Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. It's the fact that it's grown and produced in England that makes English wine so expensive. Plus, it's also what gives it a more unique flavour. Most popular wines come from France, Australia, Italy and Argentina, which is why gifting English wine is more unique. They taste just as beautiful and make such a great treat to any wine lover looking to enjoy wine from different regions.

What is the best wine to give as a gift?

The best answer to this question is; whatever the recipient likes. However, it depends on what you're looking for and what you want to get. If you're looking to get someone a more unique and thoughtful wine gift, then an English wine would be perfect. Whether an elegant sparkling, indulgent red or crisp white, English wine is always a good choice when picking a wine gift. You'll find a wide range of wines, including our English selection, across our website so that you can find the perfect bottle for any occasion. So why not be a little patriotic and gift a wine grown, produced and bottled in England?

Is English wine any good?

It's evident that English wines aren't among the most popular bottles. However, they're on the increase. Leading wines are mostly from countries with better climates for grape-growing, meaning better flavour and bigger harvests. But this doesn't stop us. England has many popular wine producers, including a'Beckett's, The Bolney Estate and Camel Valley. With interesting flavours, these wines offer something different against others from surrounding countries and regions. In fact, some English producers, such as Camel Valley, are multi-award-winning for their wines. So yes, English wine is good! We've carefully picked a selection of English wines from local vineyards to create the best English Wine gifts for any occasion or recipient.

Where can I buy English Wine?

Whilst you can often order online from the vineyards, we offer every bottle as a gift that can be sent straight to your door. So if you're looking for a gift for someone who loves wine, we can send a bottle, or two, directly to them. Or, you can go to their vineyards and not only buy a bottle but tour their site, view their grapes and have a tasting session where possible. A'Beckett's offer a tour of their vineyard, as well as tastings, gift vouchers and an on-site shop. So if you're nearby, you can pop in and actually see how and where they make their beautiful wines. If you can't visit the shop, then we will happily send a bottle to you to someone you know as a gift. So no matter your situation, you can get your hands on some fine English wine.

Can I send an English wine gift to someone in the UK?

Yes! We've made it easy to send an English wine gift to anyone in the UK. No matter the distance and no matter where they live, we can get a gift delivered to them for any occasion. Simply browse our gift selection across our website and place your selected gift in your basket. Then enter an address during checkout, and we'll have it packaged and sent at your convenience. You can send wine to be delivered either the next day or on a selected date. So you don't have to miss out on sending the perfect gift, whether that be a bottle of English sparkling wine or a rich red with a personal gift message. For more information on our products, website or delivery, please feel free to contact us.

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