Wine and Chocolate Gift Sets

Chocolate and wine make an indulgent pair and a fantastic gift. No matter the occasion, a hamper is perfect, but which wine and chocolate hamper do you get?

Any wine and chocolate hamper containing a favourite wine always makes a great gift. Whether with a sparkling Cava or a deep and rich red, assorted Belgian truffles together with wine will make anyone smile. We’ve got a great range of wines so you can find the perfect bottle to accompany the chocolates.

Is wine and chocolate good to have together?

Yes! They make a perfect pair and a great gift for any occasion. Whether with white, red, rose or sparkling wine, a selection of chocolates is ideal to have as an accompaniment. They're easy to share whilst catching up with friends or as a dessert after a party, as the two can make a refreshing and indulgent addition to any event. They also make a delicate and thoughtful gift, especially as thank you, housewarming and general gifts. We offer a range of wines with a single ballotin of assorted Belgian chocolates, so you can pick the wine that you think is best for your recipient. From Chateauneuf Du Pape to Chandon Sparkling, we'll help you find the perfect wine and chocolate hamper for the occasion.

How do I pick the best wine and chocolate hamper?

When it comes to picking hampers, it's often down to preference. For example, if you enjoy red wine, you should pick a red wine and chocolates hamper. The same for if you know your recipient likes a glass of white wine, then pick a bottle of white with a box of truffles. Usually, the higher the price, the nicer the wine, so it depends on what you're looking for and who you're buying for. If you know that they like any wine, then you really can't go wrong with any of our wine and chocolate hampers. For more inspiration on wine and chocolate hampers, browse our page to see all of our products and find that perfect gift. We also sell other chocolate hampers with Champagne, Prosecco or other spirits.

Which wine goes best with chocolate?

This is usually down to preference as any wine can go with chocolates. However, most will say that red wine is the best to go with chocolate truffles as the tannins compliment the sweetness of the chocolate. The best chocolate to pair with wine is often dark, but again it's down to preference. That's why all of our wine and chocolate hampers include a box of assorted chocolates, meaning any recipient can try all of the different types of chocolates with their wine and find the pairing they like the best. Sparkling wine, such as Chandon or Cava, also goes well with chocolates and is a more celebratory gift pairing. Whichever hamper you choose, as long as you've picked what they'll like, the recipient will be grateful to receive a little something from you for the occasion.

Who should I buy a wine and chocolate gift set for?

Anyone. We recommend these hampers if you're looking to get something for a wine or chocolate lover; however, they also make great gifts if you're looking to get a smaller and less extravagant gift for someone. The best occasions to send a chocolate and wine hamper are as a thank you, housewarming, sorry you're leaving, anniversary and birthday gifts. Champagne is more for celebrations, which is why a wine gift is less suitable. However, again it's down to preference. Our hampers are great for any occasion and can be sent anywhere in the UK, meaning there's no reason not to send one to someone.

How can I send a wine and chocolate hamper to someone in the UK?

It's super easy to send a chocolate and wine gift to someone in the UK. No matter the distance, we can get it to their door as soon as the next day. Simply browse our website for the perfect gift and add it to your basket. Then enter an address at checkout, and we'll handle the packaging and delivery. It's as easy as that. You can also add a personalised message and/or balloon to your gifts for that personal touch. Plus, if you're in a rush, you can get your gift delivered the next day, or if you're planning ahead, you can select a delivery date. So you can shop easily and conveniently without any stress. For more information about our website, products or delivery, please get in touch as we'd be happy to help.