Sorry You're Leaving Gifts

There comes a time when people move on. Whether they move house, leave an organisation or change jobs, you want to celebrate and congratulate them for taking that step with a gift. But what do you give to someone leaving?

Our Sorry You're Leaving range has plenty of perfect gifts to send as a congratulatory goodbye. From bubbly Champagne to luscious wine and spirits, you can find the gift best for them to remember you with. All are packaged in our 'Sorry You're Leaving' gift boxes and are available for next day delivery.

What can you do for someone leaving?

Whether they're leaving their house, job or anything behind, you want to do something special for them as a way of saying goodbye. Aside from throwing a party or getting lots of people to sign a card, you should think about also giving something more personalised to the relationship you have. This might be a funny, unusual or sentimental gift. For example, if you spent a lot of time together drinking cocktails, why not say farewell with a bottle of their favourite cocktail spirit? We've got a great selection of Gins, Vodkas and Rums to make the perfect goodbye gift. Gestures like these you can't go wrong with, so why not send them a gift before they go?

What should you get for a work colleague leaving?

There's nothing worse than watching your coworkers leave. For the best experience when watching them move on, get them something to remember you and the time you spent together by. Vintage and luxury Champagnes with bottles to keep are great at providing a keepsake for them to take wherever they go. We've got a range of luxury bottles that are delivered in chic, silk-lined boxes that'll show them how much they meant to you. Or, if you weren't that close, a bottle of nice wine will do just as well in saying that you'll miss them. Browse our range of gifts for inspiration and have them sent anywhere in the UK. So even if they've just left, you can still send them a leaving gift perfect for the occasion.

What are some unique leaving gift ideas?

When more than one person is buying them a gift, you want your gift to stand out from the rest. To do this, you need to find gifts that are funny, unique and one-of-a-kind. Good leaving gifts would be hampers, limited edition drinks and gift sets. We've got all of these, from wine and chocolate sets to Prosecco and flute hampers. Whatever you choose, make sure you pick something they'll like and add a personal message, so they know who it's from. Sorry you're leaving gifts don't have to be generic either. You could pick out a lesser-known Whisky, such as Haig Clubman or a rare brand of Gin such as Portobello Road. These will stand out against numerous bottles of wine or flowers and provide something different for them to enjoy. As long as it's personal and expresses sentiment, then you can't go wrong.

What should you write in a leaving card?

Leaving cards are for sending messages that express how you feel about them leaving. Once you've picked the perfect gift, you can write a short message to say farewell. The best ones are personalised and express the reasons why they'll be missed. Add a memory that you both made together or a moment you once shared. Your message will be printed onto a plastic card, so they can keep it no matter where they go. Other ideas on what to write would be references to the gift itself or whatever they're moving to. It could be a new house or a new job. But be careful not to turn it into a housewarming present as the whole occasion for your gift is to give a goodbye gift, not a welcoming one.

How can I send a Sorry You're Leaving gift?

We understand that you can't always be there to give a sorry you're leaving gift to someone, which is why we've made it easy to send one straight to their door. With free UK delivery, simply pick your gift, add it to the basket, insert the address at checkout, and we'll handle the rest. All orders are sent and delivered with the utmost care, so recipients will receive the gift safe and sound. Not only can you send a written message, but you can also personalise the delivery date. You can choose for it to be delivered either the next day or on a date of your choice. Meaning you can arrange for it to arrive the day that they leave. So you don't miss out on sending them sorry you're leaving gifts or miss their departure.

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