Send Retirement Gifts

Retirement is not an event to be missed. Leaving work after years of commitment and effort deserves to be celebrated with a special drink on the occasion. So what should you send to someone who's retiring?

Any special drink or unique gift hamper always makes a great retirement present. Whether a classic bottle of Champagne or a wild bottle of Gin, any retiree deserves a drink when looking back on their years of hard work. All come in our ‘Happy Retirement’ gift boxes to create the perfect retirement gifts.

What is the perfect gift for a retirement?

Drinks are fantastic retirement presents. After leaving a company that they might have been with for most of their lifetime, the first thing they want to do is relax. The best way to do that is with a glass of their favourite beverage. So whether they want to pop open a bottle of Moet Champagne or kick back with a Whisky and ice, why not send them a bottle to get their retirement off to a good start? We've also got a great range of chocolate hampers or gift sets such as Champagne with flutes or Gin and Tonic sets. All our gifts come with a personalised message and can be delivered on a date of your choice. So it doesn't matter if they're about to retire or have already stopped work, you can send them a bottle to celebrate.

What are some good retirement gift ideas for a woman?

Whilst you might know exactly what she likes, you might find yourself wondering what a woman might like as a retirement gift. If you know she likes wine, we suggest a retirement wine gift or a wine and chocolates hamper to suit her taste best. Bottles of nice Vodka, Rum or Gin are perfect if she likes cocktails and can provide a gift different from the rest. For example, why not send a bottle of Chase Rhubard Vodka or Gordons Pink Gin for her to enjoy as a celebration? We also would consider Prosecco gift sets, including our mini Prosecco gift sets, which are perfect if you know they will be moving or travelling. Whatever you pick, be sure it's something that they'll like and will drink. Don't forget to personalise the gift with a written message that they can keep looking back on.

What are some good retirement gift ideas for a man?

If you know what they like, it can be hard to know what will make a good gift related to their taste. For example, they might like Whisky, but you're unsure what's the best to give. That's why our range of retirement gifts are perfect as they guarantee to be the best gift they've received. All packaged in our printed 'Happy Retirement' boxes, we've got everything from Glenfiddich Whisky to Captain Morgan Dark Rum. So no matter what they like, all you have to do is pick the drink. We recommend our vintage and luxury Champagne gifts or our paired chocolate and food gift boxes for more special gifts. Personalised gifts are always more thoughtful, so don't forget to add a written message to let them know you're thinking of them.

What are some funny retirement gifts?

Funny gifts are always unique and personal, but they also require the most thought. The best funny gifts are those that relate to either your relationship with the retiree or a funny moment you both shared. For example, did you go away on holiday together and have a fun event? A good gift idea would be to get a bottle of drink relating to that trip and referencing the funny event in the accompanying message. Retirement is about looking both back and forwards on life, so sending a gift, they'll find funny will shed some fun on the event. Not to mention, if it's a bottle of spirit, it will definitely get the party started!

How can I send a retirement gift in the UK?

No matter where they are in the UK, we've made it easy for you to send them a gift for their retirement. Simply browse our website for inspiration and add your gift to the basket. At checkout, you can add a personalised message and enter the address with a selected delivery date. Then we'll handle the rest, meaning you can relax knowing that their gift box is on its way. For easier and faster checkout, you can save time by creating an account. Shopping for retirement gifts has never been easier. For more information on our site, products and delivery, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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