Send a Congratulations Gift

There's always a reason for congratulations. Whether it's exam results, a new job, an award or any other milestone event, every celebration calls for a gift. So what do you send someone to say congrats?

No celebration is complete without a drink to toast, which is why giving one is the best gift to say ‘congratulations’. Whether for a new job or passing exams, all of our Congratulations gifts are perfect for any occasion. All come in our stamped gift boxes with a personal message and free next day delivery across the UK.

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How do you congratulate someone?

Gifts and messages are always the best way to congratulate with someone. Whether a family member, friend or colleague, there's no reason you should skip out on helping them celebrate their achievements. So why not send them a gift? No matter where they live, send them a bottle of something special to help them make the occasion extra special. Champagne is always a popular choice; however, we always recommend getting the recipient what they love. There's nothing better than celebrating with your favourite drink, so let them do just that. Surprise them with a celebratory gift delivered straight to their door and make their day.

What are good congratulations gifts?

A bottle of drink always makes a great congratulations gift, no matter the reason for celebrations. Whether a vintage Champagne or refined wine, sending the recipient a favourite bottle will give them the best experience. Rather than gifting something that won't be used or risks being unliked, get them a gift that guarantees its usage. Longer shelf-life spirits such as Whiskey, Port, Gin, Vodka or Rum are great for keeping to remember the occasion by. They're also great for making fun cocktails, especially if they're throwing a party to celebrate further. So whether they're graduating from University or have just been promoted, send them a gift to help them celebrate.

Is Champagne a good congratulations gift?

Champagne is the most popular Congratulations gift. It symbolises a special occasion, and is always seen at any celebration. It's nice to enjoy something different when we're celebrating a milestone, so why not treat them to a bottle? We've got a wide range of Champagnes, from a bottle and flute sets to vintage and luxury gifts. The most popular brands are Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and Lanson, and we would always recommend either the original Brut or the Rose. We would also recommend Champagnes in our 'Congratulations' gift boxes for giving that extra touch as they not only taste great but look elegant and stylish. Or for those with an alternative taste, Prosecco or sparkling wine are also great choices to give for celebrations. We have similar gift sets for these too. So you can find the perfect gift for your lucky recipient, whoever they may be.

What do you get someone for a new job or exam results?

These are the two most common reasons for congratulations gifts, and they are definitely worth celebrating. Whilst we always recommend Champagne for any celebration gift, it's always best to get whatever your recipient likes best. For example, a Wine gift for a Wine-lover or a Gin gift for a Gin-lover. You can select gifts from our wide range of products, including bottle and chocolate hampers, gourmet food baskets or our selection of Congratulations products with our stamped gift boxes. For exam results, you should always consider the age of the recipient. If over 18, we would recommend either Champagne or spirits such as Vodka for celebratory cocktails. This is especially useful if they're having a party. The same goes for someone with a new job. For more inspiration, why not browse our website or search for specific products using the search bar.

How can I send a congratulations gift to someone in the UK?

We can't always be there for every celebration, which is why we've made it easy to send a gift straight to their door. No matter the reason for congratulations, don't miss out on sharing the occasion with the recipient and showing them how much you care. Simply browse our website and add your selected gift(s) to your basket. Enter the recipient's details, including their address, during checkout, and we'll handle the rest. You can have a gift sent anywhere in the UK, either the next day or on a selected date. So whether they live around the corner or 100 miles away, we can make sure they get a celebratory gift from you. All of our gifts come with a personalised message, printed onto a plastic card, so they know it was you who sent it. For more information about our website, products or delivery, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. We'd love to help in any way we can.

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