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Mini Prosecco is perfect for numerous occasions and reasons. From small sets to be enjoyed there and then to sets ideal for corporate events, they can provide unique gifts and convenient, yet elegant, additions to any party or celebration. So why a mini Prosecco bottles gift set?

Our range of mini Prosecco gifts is ideal for larger parties and occasions. Allow guests to enjoy a joyous bottle of prosecco during the big event or send someone a gift basket for them to drink on their special day. Whatever the occasion, our range of mini Prosecco gifts can be personalised and delivered.

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Can you get Prosecco in small bottles?

Yes, you can. Rather than expensing yourself with large bottles and glasses, make the event easier with smaller sized bottles, suitable for one per person. Ideal for any hen party, wedding, work party, or any other gathering, smaller bottles are more efficient, cost-effective and convenient, not to mention more stylish and trendy. Or, gift a small hamper with two mini bottles and sippers to anyone celebrating an occasion. It makes a unique and fun gift, especially for those travelling or spending the day out as they can enjoy their drinks without any need for glasses. So the answer is yes, you can get Prosecco in smaller bottles. We sell our sets in quarter cases (12 bottles).

Why should I get a mini Prosecco gift set?

For lots of reasons! Not only do they make great additions to events, but they also make a perfect gift. Whether as a 'thanks for coming' gift or a birthday gift set, mini Prosecco bottles are ideal for when you're not sure what to get for someone. Whilst we also sell mini bottles of Champagne on our site, Prosecco is always a safe bet due to its simple taste. Plus, it's cheaper. So if you're not sure about whether guests or a recipient will like Champagne, why not opt for Prosecco and get a smaller bottle set?

What makes the perfect gift of mini Prosecco?

If you're thinking of gifting a mini bottle of Prosecco, you might wonder how to make it the perfect gift. This is down to thought and personalisation. Don't just buy a gift for no reason. Make sure it's something that they will enjoy. Especially if it's for a specific gift such as for a birthday, leaving gift or anniversary present. If you're sending a gift, such as our mini Prosecco hamper, make sure you add a personal message expressing your congratulations or best wishes. Our mini Prosecco sets are also ideal for handing out at an event as welcome or goodbye gifts. While these have less personalisation, they are still just as thoughtful and fun to celebrate an occasion or event.

What are Prosecco sippers, and why are they good with mini Prosecco gifts?

Prosecco sippers are essential for making the night easy and more convenient if you're holding a gathering or event. Rather than wasting glasses and washing up, invest in some sippers that screw onto the top of our mini bottles to provide an easier drinking experience. If you want your event to look chic and stylish, then Prosecco sippers are a must. They also provide a keepsake to take away from the event and can be used again. Our Prosecco sippers will fit any quarter or mini-sized bottle of Prosecco, as well as our mini Champagne bottles. So if you're thinking of getting someone a set of miniature Prosecco or Champagne, be sure to add some sippers for that extra thoughtful and stylish touch.

How can I get a mini Prosecco gift delivered in the UK?

Save yourself the trouble and have your sets and gifts delivered straight to your door. We've made it easy to send gifts anywhere within the UK. Simply create an account, add your gift to the basket, add the address at checkout, and we'll handle the rest. We've got a huge range of alcohol gifts, including wine and liqueurs, all of which can be delivered the next day or on a date of your choice. If you're ordering our quarter cases of mini Prosecco bottles, you can have them delivered either to your door or to the venue. Shopping for mini Prosecco gift sets has never been easier. For more information on our delivery and site, please feel free to get in touch.

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