White Wine Gifts Delivered UK

Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect gift for everyone with a sensational choice of white wine gift sets with a great selection of wines from Argentina, Australia, Chile, England, France, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa and Spain and a choice of grape varieties including Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay.

Send one, two or three bottles or even a case, or send a favourite white wine with chocolates or glasses. Our white wine gifts are beautifully packaged in a range of gift boxes.

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Top 5 White Wine Gift Sets

Sancerre White Wine Gift in Wooden Box

A stylish, sophisticated gift box that makes the perfect present for anyone that has a true appreciation for an absolutely delicious bottle of wonderful white wine. From the Langlois Chateau in the Loire valley region of France and crafted from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, this gift box features a single bottle of Sancerre White Wine within it that is certain to make anyone that receives it feel special and/or truly accomplished. Delivered to any recipient in a sleek wooden box and secure to arrive safely, this amazing gift box can also include a personlised message that makes this present as meaningful as it is flavourful.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc White Wine Birthday Gift

An extraordinary birthday gift that adds elegance to any birthday party or celebration it’s sent to, it doesn’t matter whether you send this gift set to a parent, cousin, niece, tutor or client; anyone that receives it will be surprised and truly thrilled to enjoy each and every taste of it. Presented in a solid wooden box and boasting the words ‘Happy Birthday’ stamped clearly on top, from the moment this New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc White Wine Birthday Gift Box arrives you can be certain they’ll savour it through each sip, and glass, until the bottle is gone. Personalise this box with a message from you and be confident that your recipient will appreciate the thought, and the flavour, this box provides.

Pouilly Fume Wine Gift Box

Housed within a remarkably striking red carded box and featuring a chic and elegant form from the outside in; the absolutely delicious bottle of Pouilly-Fume Sauvignon Blanc inside this gift box is an extraordinary addition to any event you choose to have it sent to. A scrumptious and unique dry white wine that can be personalised with a message from you if needed, this Pouilly Fume White Wine Gift Box can be delivered as a Christmas gift, a birthday present or an anniversary gift for your spouse to celebrate another great year together as a couple. Great as a gift for anyone from your brother or sister to a client or co-worker you’re appreciative of, this magnificent gift set will instantly satisfy whomever receives it.

Pinot Grigio White Wine Birthday Gift

A chic and remarkably handsome happy birthday gift unlike any other; this Pinot Grigio White Wine Birthday Gift Box is designed to satisfy anyone you choose to send it to, from your grandmother, father, uncle, or cousin to your best friend and even beyond. Complete with a single bottle of Pinot Grigio produced in Northern Italy and presented in a solid wooden box with the words ‘Happy Birthday’ stamped perfectly on top, this truly incredible gift box gets the message across and allows you to add a custom, personalised message along with it if desired. A fantastic birthday gift from top to bottom, no other gift option on the market offers the level of class and sophistication that this one does.

Chablis White Wine Gift in Wooden Box

Delivered in a solid wooden box and filled with an incredibly delicious bottle of wine any wine lover will instantly fall in love with, every inch of this Chablis White Wine Gift Box boasts absolute quality as well as true elegance unlike any other. The perfect gift to send to celebrate an impressive array of possible occasions or events. Whether you have this remarkable gift set delivered to your mother or father to celebrate a special anniversary or to your co-worker to commemorate a promotion; no matter who is lucky enough to receive this gift box, they are certain to appreciate the flavours it offers, down to the very last drop.