Cheese and Wine Hampers

Everyone knows that wine and cheese go hand-in-hand. But what makes a good wine and cheese hamper?

A good cheese and a good wine are key to a good hamper. Any one of these delicious pairings makes the perfect gift for any wine or cheese lovers! So if you're not sure, we guarantee that these will do the trick. All are presented in a wooden gift box with delivery anywhere in the UK.

What do you put in wine and cheese hampers?

Every hamper needs both wine and cheese, but which ones? Any wine will work with cheese, although many will say that red wine works the best. The key to a good wine and cheese hamper is actually in the cheese. There are many wine hampers out there, but only ones with interesting and delicious cheeses will prove exceptional. So if you're looking for a cheese and wine gift, we've got the ideal selection. All come with two cheeses, one is a Cheddar cheese with roasted garlic and herb. The other is a Red Leicester with Habanero chillies and peppers. We've picked these to feature in all of our cheese gift boxes as we believe that these provide the ultimate wine and cheese tasting experience. So all you need to do is pick the perfect wine!

Is Wine and cheese a good gift?

Wine and cheese make a fantastic gift for many reasons. One is that it's perfect for anyone who loves wine or cheese lovers. Two is that it's the perfect gift to provide not only a gift but a unique tasking experience with nibbles to share amongst loved ones. The third reason is that it's delicious! Our luxury hampers are the perfect accompaniments to any occasion. Whether for Christmas, a birthday or a simple gathering, it's a tasty treat that'll get everyone talking. So forget your expensive jewellery and give a wine lover the gift they've always wanted! All of our wine and cheese hampers include two cheeses, some biscuits and a wine of your choice. These range from Prosecco and Cava to red and white wine.

What do you put in a wine hamper?

You can put a variety of things in a wine hamper, however, the best thing is cheese. Wine gifts often include a variety of things, but the one that stands out the most is a good cheese or two. This provides a unique tasting experience and something new for the recipient to try. That's why we've included two unique cheeses to feature in our hampers. Protected with wood wool., our hampers are beautifully presented in wooden gift boxes for delivery across the UK. So if you're wanting to put together your own wine hamper, make it easier by ordering or using one of ours! Send it to yourself or straight to your recipient for the ultimate surprise!

Can you send a wine and cheese hamper by post?

You can always send a wine and cheese hamper by post. Thanks to our exceptional gifting service, you can send a wine and cheese gift anywhere in the UK no matter the distance. Simply visit our website to place one into your online shopping basket. Then enter an address during checkout and we'll have it delivered on a day of your choice. Or, you can also place an order over the telephone or chat to a member of our team about our services and products. All of our gifts come with a personalised gift message. Get in touch for more information about our products, website or delivery.