Thinking of You Gifts

It takes time and thought when it comes to finding a suitable ‘thinking of you gift’. You want to show your sympathy and let them know how much you care, whether for a loss, time apart, or to let someone know you’re thinking of them. But which gifts are best to show how much you care?

Sending a bottle of their favourite drink is a subtle yet thoughtful gift, especially when it’s unexpected. From a simple red wine to smooth Whiskey, whatever you choose will send sympathies to friends, loved ones and family members. Wherever they are, these will definitely bring a smile to their face.

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What's a really thoughtful thinking of you gift?

Thinking of you gifts should be thoughtful and personal. Think of it like sending a hug. You want it to feel like you're there in person offering your thoughts and support. Sending them a simple bottle of their favourite drink is an excellent way to remind them that you're thinking of them and want them to know how much you care. All of our 'thinking of you' gifts are delivered in a wooden box with 'Thinking of You' printed on the lid and can include a personally written message. This is a great way to express your sympathies or show your support to those who need it most. The key is knowing what they like and adding a personal touch.

What's a good cheer up gift?

Sometimes a gift is exactly what people need to lift their spirits. Sometimes literally. A bottle of their favourite type of wine, spirit or liquor delivered to their door reminds them of the people they can turn to for support. Whether you send a gift box or a single drink, we've got a wide range of products to help act as a lovely little reminder of their friends and family. We also recommend adding a personal touch and not just through a personalised card. Remind them of an amazing moment or the joy you've shared together with a drink related to the occasion. Maybe you had a great laugh over a bottle of red wine together? Bring some of that joy back into their world with a bottle and sign the card with reference to the event. Whatever you choose, make it unique and make it personal.

What's a good gift to say 'sorry for your loss'?

These types of gifts require respect and simplicity. Don't go and shop for excessive gifts that'll overwhelm them. Stick to simple, personalised gifts. For example, a single bottle of red or white wine with a note to say sorry and send thoughts is a perfect gift that says 'I'm thinking of you' without bombarding them. Whilst you could also get flowers, it may not be the best option if they have some already. Therefore, if you want to get them something extra, opt for chocolate or food. It's also nice to get something related to the person they're grieving. For example, a bottle of Jameson if they were a fan of Whiskey. We also offer gift sets, including these items, so that you can find the gift best suited to the occasion.

How can I make a gift show how much I care?

This is in the personalisation of the gift itself. Shop for something specific to the recipient, whether that's a loved one, friend, dad, sister, whoever. For example, if they're a fan of Gin, we'd recommend a bottle of Gordons in a box that says 'Thinking of You' on the lid. These types of gifts are lovely ways to show your thoughts and how much you care. Adding a personal message is another perfect way to make your gift be filled with care. Write what you would say if you were with them in person, and we'll post your message, with the gift, right to their door in one of our wooden gift boxes.

How can I send a thoughtful gift to someone in the UK?

Not all thinking of you gifts can be given in person, which is why we offer next day delivery across the UK. Whether you want to send a wine and chocolate gift set, a bottle of spirit and flowers or a simple bottle of liquor, we'll have it delivered safely no matter the distance. Add your gifts to your basket, enter the address, and we will handle the rest. Shopping for thinking of you gifts has never been easier, and we promise a smooth experience across the site. For more information about delivery or our services, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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