Gin and Tonic Gift Sets

Most Gin lovers know that the best way to drink Gin is with Tonic water. So no matter the occasion, a G&T set makes a great gift. But what makes a good Gin and Tonic gift set?

Any set with a quality Gin and a quality Tonic is sure to make any Gin lover’s day. So whether for a birthday, anniversary, or thank you gift, any one of our G&T sets will do the trick. We've got a great range for finding the perfect set, from Gordons and Tanqueray Gin to  Fever-Tree and Schweppes Tonic.

Gin Gifts For Her

What do you buy a Gin lover?

The obvious answer is Gin, but which Gin? If you're looking for a Gin gift for someone who loves a G&T, then why not send them a set. Rather than buy them a classic Gin and make them go out to get Tonic water, send them a hamper with it all included. Right down to a mini set, complete with straws and perfect for drinking on the go, we've got a great range of hampers with different Gins and different Tonics. Plus, you could really get them talking with a flavoured Gin. So why not give them something different to try with a bottle of Scout and Sage Raspberry Gin with a bottle of Tonic water? Or a bottle of Pink Gin? Whatever you pick, know that you can't go wrong if you're picking for a Gin and Tonic lover and that any one of our G&T sets is sure to make them happy.

How do you make a Gin and Tonic even better?

By pairing your Gin and Tonic well and adding garnishes to create an even better flavour. Every basic Gin and Tonic tastes okay. But why stop there? Some Gins taste better with certain Tonics, which is why we encourage you to mix and match until you find the pair you like the best. That's why we offer different Gins in every set. We've also carefully paired Gordon's Pink Gin with pink lemonade, rather than a Tonic water, as we believe that this is a better choice. We would also recommend that you experiment with different garnishes to put into your drink. For example, Orange and lemon peel work really well in a G&T, especially if you bend the peel to get the juice and citrus out. Fruits, honeycomb and various spices, such as Cinnamon sticks, also work well in Gin and Tonics; why not give them a try to spice things up?

What is the best Gin for a Gin and Tonic?

The best Gin for a Gin and Tonic is down to preference. You can have any Gin in a G&T, and you should use the Gin that you like the best with the Tonic you like the best. Whilst we have less of a range in Tonics, we have a wide range of Gins available in our G&T sets, meaning you can pick the one you like the best. But if you're still unsure, we can assure you that any Gin you pick in our sets will taste great because we've carefully selected them ourselves. From flavoured Gins to classic Gins, we've got the best range for G&Ts, so why not treat someone to one?

What glasses are best for a Gin and Tonic?

The best glasses for a Gin and Tonic are Copa, highball or tumblers. Whilst you can use any glass for any drink, as there is no law against it, there are glasses better suited to G&Ts. For example, the new trend is to use large Copa glasses for your G&Ts. The convenience of these is that you've more room t add garnishes and they look very classy. However, on the flip side, highballs and tumblers are more traditional and look elegant. However, which Gin glasses are the best is completely up to you. Our Gin hampers don't include glasses as we'd rather you enjoy your G&Ts in whichever ways you prefer.

How can I send a Gin and Tonic gift to someone in the UK?

We've made it easy to send the perfect present to anyone in the UK. So no matter the distance, you can send Gin gifts to that special someone. Simply browse our website and select the gift you'd like to send. Add it to your basket and enter an address during checkout, then we'll handle the rest. You can also create an account for faster checkout on your next order. We can even have your gift packaged and delivered as soon as the next day if you shop and order fast enough. All orders are handled with the utmost care, ensuring a safe delivery too. So whether you're looking for a Gin gift set for birthdays, anniversaries or congratulations gifts, we're the place to shop. For more information about our website, products or delivery, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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