Gordons Gin Gift Sets

So you have a friend or family member who loves Gin, but you don't know what to get them. With so many brands, you might find yourself asking the question: Which Gin is best to give as a gift?

Gordon's will always make a great gift for any Gin lover. Since 1769, Gordon's has been serving up classic and traditional Gin, making it one of the best selling Gins around. So yes, Gordon's makes an ideal present. From classy G&T sets to Pink Gin, we've got plenty of Gordon's gifts for any occasion.

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What do you buy a Gin lover?

Gin, of course! But rather than browse through all of the different brands, why not stick to a top-shelf one? Guaranteed great flavour and perfectly stylish, Gordon's is a must if you're choosing a Gin. We've got a great range of Gordon's gifts, from single bottles presented in a beautiful wooden box or a chocolate and Gin gift set; we'll make sure you find the perfect gift for any Gin lover in your life. So whether it's your mum, dad, sister or friend, treat them to a bottle of Gordon's to enjoy in whichever way they prefer. Delivered straight to their door with a personal message, there's nothing better than one of these gifts.

Is Gordon's Gin any good?

It's expected that you'd want to be sure you were getting them a good gin, so let us confirm why Gordon's is a quality Gin. Firstly, the London Dry Gin is 'The World's Favourite' according to their website. Available in many supermarkets and served in thousands of bars and restaurants, it's evident that it's a popular go-to Gin. Secondly, it's award-winning. Gordon's won Gold at the 2020 Gin Masters, where its excellence was recognised against other Gins across the world. The multiple Gold award-winning Gin Thirdly, it's a classic. Whilst there are so many other London Dry Gins like Gordon's, it's remained a standard classic for Gin and Tonics. Made from the finest botanicals, its bold and slightly citrusy taste and smooth texture is unbeatable. So yes, Gordon's is an excellent and superb Gin, both to drink and give as a gift.

What goes with Gordon's Gin?

Anything you want. How you drink your Gin is up to you. But the most common way is mixed with Tonic Water. There are many different Tonics, but the leading ones are Schweppes and Fever-Tree. Both have different variations, making interesting and tasteful twists to the classic pairing. Plus, adding garnishes is a very trendy and flavourful addition to a G&T. Orange peel, berries, cinnamon sticks, and bay leaves are all popular garnishes that add that extra flavour. What makes Gordon's perfect for a G&T is its simple yet delightful taste, as it can be mixed and paired in any way the consumer wishes. Honestly, you can't go wrong with Gordon's.

Which Gordon's gift is best to say Happy Birthday?

Whilst any of our Gordon's gifts are great for a birthday; some are more special than others. For example, any one of our single bottles in our 'Happy Birthday' printed gift boxes is extra special as a birthday gift. We'll deliver it straight to their door, with a balloon if you request, and give them the best birthday surprise! Or, you could go for a more sophisticated Gin and Tonic set or a Gin and chocolates hamper with a personal message. So whether for a boyfriend, wife, friend or brother, we'll make sure you find the perfect Gordon's birthday gift to make them smile. We also do boxes based on recipient, for example, 'Happy Birthday Grandma', which can be selected with a single bottle of Gordon's London Dry or Pink Gin. Simply search for the recipient in the search bar or find the category listed in the sidebar under 'Birthday Gifts'. You'll also find Gordon's gift sets based on age. For example, you can select a Gordon's Gin in a 'Happy Birthday' box with an age balloon.

How can I send a Gordon's Gin gift in the UK?

You can send a Gordon's Gin gift by post to anyone in the UK with us. We understand that not all friends and family live close, which is why we've made it easy to send an elegant gift anywhere within the UK. From hampers to single bottle gifts, we can send them all. Simply browse our website for the perfect gift and add it to your basket. Then enter an address upon checkout, and we'll handle the packaging and delivery. All orders are handled with the most amount of care to ensure safe delivery and professional service. So you can shop in peace, knowing your gift is in the best hands. We also offer the option to add a personal message and balloon upon checkout if you want to add that extra touch. Next day delivery is available if you're in a rush and selected date delivery is available if you plan in advance. So no matter the circumstances, recipient or occasion, we'll make sure they get the perfect Gordon's gift. For more information about our website, services, company or delivery, please feel free to get in touch.