How To Make A Great Gin And Tonic

How To Make a Gin and Tonic

Gin is currently the country’s favourite spirit and with good reason, Gin has progressed quite considerably since the good old days when your choice effectively was between the 2 main brands of Gordons gin or Beefeater gin, nowadays there are hundreds of gins available.

Make The Perfect Gin And Tonic

As with everything it does come down to personal taste but the experts suggest :

The Glass – Make sure its a Copa de Balon glass, this is the large bowl shaped one that allows the full aroma of the gin to come through – a tall highball glasss is now a no no

The Gin – Nope, it doesnt depend on the day you have had! You need a good 50ml (double) measure of your favourite gin – we will leave the choice to you

The Tonic – OK, you need a good brand of tonic, this can be the make or break of your perfect G&T. You need a good 75ml of tonic and we recomend Fever Tree. Start with their original tonic and then for your next Gin and Tonic, try everything the same but use one of their other tonics such as the Edlerflower or Mediterranean, you will really taste the difference and be brave, its your personal taste here so choose the one you prefer the most

The Garnish – For a refreshing drink then stick with a wedge of lime or lemon, for something a little different try a slice of orange peel, cucumber or leave the idea of fruit and try a sprig of Elderflower or even Thyme or Rosemary. Chillies and lime together make for an interesting combination too. Look at the ingredients of your fave gin and see what Botanicals (flavours) have been used, the first one on the list will be the predominant one and so on. So if for example Ginger is in there, then try a slice of ginger as the garnish.

Stick to this order for creating the perfect Gin and Tonic – add the garnish last and not with the ice at the start!

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