Sipsmith Gin Gifts

Hand crafted in small batches, Sipsmith gin is copper distilled right in the heart of London. We supply Sipsmith as a single bottle, gin and chocolates, gin and tonic  plus many more, making our Sipsmith gin gifts a great idea for any occasion. All lovingly packaged and delivered complete with your own personal gift message on a date you can choose.

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In 2007 Fairfax and Sam, two childhood friends, with a passion for the traditional and a determination to bring London Dry Gin back to the City of London began their journey.  It wasn’t until 2009 they found their base and were finally granted a distillers licence.

The first of their copper stills, affectionately called Prudence, was the first copper pot to be launched in London for nearly 200 years and is totally unique.  The friends designed her with the help of Christian Carl, who’s family business have been crafting stills since 1869.   She was named as the UK were being warned to be prudent in readiness for UK  recession but Fairfax and Sam were doing just the opposite and selling their homes to fund her creation and the beginning of their vision.    

All they needed now was a Master Distiller and they were soon introduced to world renowned drink aficionado Jared Brown.  With a mutual passion for excellence, the three quickly joined forces to create the world’s best gin.  Their traditional copper distillery in Hammersmith started to create small batches of Sipsmith Gin.  Every bottle lovingly handcrafted without automation using only the skill and passion of their dedicated Distillers to create a Gin of true quality.

Four years later, Patience was created to join Prudence, and together the two stills bespoke design make them so versatile that they are used to make London Dry Gin, V.J.O.P and Sipping Vodka.    It wasn’t long before Constance, a much larger still joined her sisters and she exclusively works on the London Dry Gin.  Sipsmith think of Constance as their ‘Rock of Continuity’.  In 2014 Sipsmith moved to larger premises in Chiswick in order to house the three sister stills.

Sipsmith Gin is inspired by 200 years of London distilling history and is a balance of traditional recipes and techniques along with some modern techniques and distilled in the wonderful Prudence, Patience and Constance copper stills.    Carefully sourced botanicals are precisely added to one of their stills the evening before to allow them to macerate for between 14 hours and 3 days for the unique flavour to fully mix with the alcohol to create each small individual batch.    

Each day the stills are heated to 80o, boiling the liquid turning it to vapour and then condensing back to liquid each time it touches the copper pipes of the still.  With each time it condenses the liquid becomes purer, smoother and more sippable.   When it finally leaves the still along the pipes to the condenser the liquid becomes three distinct parts, the heads, the hearts and the tails.  Only the best part, the heart cut, is taken and bottled as a unique small daily batch.