Mini Champagne Bottles - Small Champagne Bottles

Whether for an event or corporate gift, Mini Champagne is great to buy for a range of occasions. So what do you buy Mini Champagne for?

Mini Champagne is the most useful for large events or gatherings. Perfect for one bottle per person, these gifts make catering easy. Or unique gifts! From Moet to Lanson, we've got a wide range of Mini Champagne sets perfect for sending anywhere in the UK. All come with a personalised message.

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What is a good Mini Champagne?

Many Champagnes are good in smaller bottles; it depends on what you're looking for. The best overall rated Champagne for miniature bottles is Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut. It doesn't lose any quality in the reduced bottles and always remains a fan favourite amongst guests. Another popular choice is Lanson Rose or Black Label for the same reason. We stock all of these Champagnes. You can also find a wide range of Mini Champagnes available in stores across the country; however, we sell these Champagnes as we believe these are the most effective at events and are easy to deliver anywhere in the UK. A Lanson duo mini set makes a great gift choice and is perfect for picnics or days out. So whether you're hosting a hen-do, congratulations party or work event, any of our Mini Champagne sets will impress your guests and make your life much easier.

What are Small Champagne bottles called?

Mini Champagne Bottles are called Piccolos. They are quarter bottles, meaning they are a quarter of the size of a regular bottle. This provides two flute glasses, making them ideal for one per person. Plus, paired with Champagne sippers, these make catering a whole lot easier and will save you some washing up! Piccolos are also fantastic party gifts and are perfect for popping into a party bag for guests to take home. We offer a range of mini bottle sets with a range of brands and flavours so that you can get the perfect one for your event.

Do Mini Champagne bottles pop?

Yes, they do! Popping a mini bottle of Champagne is just as fun, if not more, as popping a regular one. So why not let every guest have the honour of popping a bottle? Whilst it's a smaller pop, it's still a delicious one and will provide the most tasteful toast at any event. They'll stay fizzy once opened, and each bottle will serve one person. You can also pair them with Champagne sippers, which attach to the top of the bottle and act as a spout. It's perfect for reducing the amount of washing up! It also is a great gift to give or the perfect beverage for an outdoor picnic on the go. There's always a reason to enjoy a mini bottle of Champagne, so why not send some to you or someone you know?

What should you buy Small Champagne bottles for?

You can buy Mini Champagne for many different occasions. They make great Champagne gifts, event goodie bags and Aperitifs. They're also ideal for easily serving champagne at events. Bubbly usually screams celebrations, so we always recommend investing in Mini bottles of Champagne at any wedding, Christening, Hen-do, Stag-do or corporate event as they'll be the talk of the evening! Let your guests enjoy a toast to remember with a mini bottle of Lanson or Moet & Chandon Champagne. So if you're currently organising an event, you should definitely consider a case or two of Mini Champagne bottles. We offer a range of sets, all of which can be delivered anywhere in the UK. YOu can also send a set as a gift and include a personalised message. Either way, Mini Champagne is suitable no matter the occasion.

How can I send Mini Champagne bottles by post in the UK?

It's easy to send a case of Mini Champagne anywhere in the UK. Whether it's for a birthday gift, Wedding, Milestone Anniversary party or Corporate event, Mini Champagne is a must-have. Simply browse our range of Mini Champagne gifts and place the one you want to send into your basket. Then, enter the address during checkout, and we'll have it delivered at your convenience. Organising a special occasion or Corporate events has never been easier! Plus, if Champagne isn't to taste, we also offer Mini Prosecco sets too! All of our gifts come with a personalised message and delivery anywhere in the UK, either the next day or on a selected date. For more information about our website, products or delivery, please get in touch by phone or email. We'd be more than happy to help in any way we can.

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