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Pol Roger is a leading Champagne producer and one of the oldest brands still sold today. Being popular with the likes of Sir Winston Churchill, it makes a great Champagne gift or offering for any occasion. So what Pol Roger Champagne is the best?

Pol Roger Reserve Brut is always the best choice. Whilst all of their Champagnes are delicious, the Brut remains to be the most popular. We've got a fantastic range of Pol Roger Brut gifts, including magnums and custom gift boxes. All include a personal message to create the most elegant of gifts

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Is Pol Roger a good Champagne?

Pol Roger is a widely recognised and popular Champagne choice around the world. From Demi-Sec to Vintage Rose, they've got an exceptional range of Champagnes for all and any occasion. Their focus is on style and excellence, using only the finest grapes from their vineyards to form the perfect vintages. They've got thousands of distributors across the world with an elite reputation for accessibility. Not to mention, Pol Roger was Sir Winston Churchill's Champagne of choice. So if you don't believe us when we say that Pol Roger is exceptional, maybe you'll believe Winson Churchill's taste. In fact, Pol Roger has put Sir Churchill within their brand, not only producing a Cuvee called Sir Winston Churchill but incorporating his name into the names of their cellars. After all, it was he who helped increase the growing popularity of the exceptional Champagne house. So yes, Pol Roger is refined, established and incredibly delicious.

What grapes are in Pol Roger Champagne?

Pol Roger's Reserve Brut is made with a perfected and carefully crafted blend of 30 different crus. According to their website, the popular Champagne is an equal part blend of pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay with four years of ageing in the cellars. This creates an exceptional taste with depth, complexity and sheer perfection. Other Champagnes, such as their Brut Vintage and Non-Vintage range, include the same blends with varying crus. For specific tasting notes and more information on each Pol Roger Champagne blend, visit their website for their full range of products. We've got a great range of Pol Roger Reserve Brut gifts for many different occasions; simply browse our range of Pol Roger gifts to find the perfect one.

What are some good Pol Roger Champagne gifts?

Any gift containing Pol Roger Reserve Brut is a great choice to give to someone for many different occasions. From birthday sets to Magnums, we've got plenty of Pol Roger gifts suitable for any celebration event or party you may be hosting or attending. If you're unsure what to get, we always recommend our single bottle Pol Roger gifts, either in a branded or stamped gift box relating to the occasion. If you're looking to give something extra, our Pol Roger and chocolate gift sets are perfect for birthdays, valentines or anniversaries. All of our gifts come with a personalised message, and either next day or selected date delivery, so you can treat someone you know to a fresh bottle of Pol Roger on any occasion.

What is the history of Pol Roger?

Pol Roger started selling wine in 1849. By 1855, he had started production on the famous Brut Champagne, and by 1899 they were widely recognised with a growing reputation. However, in 1900 part of the building collapsed, causing 1.5 million bottles to be lost. Productions bounced back, with the popularity and recognition forever growing with the production of different Champagnes. By 1955, Winston Churchill had become a famous client, driving sales up. The lines of Champagnes continued to grow due to this increase, and Sir Churchill became a staple in the Champagne's history. Since 2000, Pol Roger has continued to release and produce even more Champagnes such as their Demi-Sec and Extra Brut. Overall, the business has passed through five generations, with the first member of the sixth generation joining the business in 2020. Pol Roger continues to distribute worldwide and remains to be one of the oldest and most valued Champagnes money can buy.

How can I send a Pol Roger Champagne gift by post?

Pol Roger Champagne is great to give as a gift, which is why we've made it easy to send a Pol Roger gift to anyone in the UK. No matter where they live, you don't have to miss out on treating them to a beautiful bottle of bubbles. Simply browse our selection of Pol Roger gifts within our website and place the selected gift in your basket. Then enter your recipient's details, including address, during checkout, and we'll have it delivered on a day of your choice. All gifts include a personalised message and are handled with the utmost care. So why not send someone a bottle of Pol Roger Brut Reserve to enjoy? For more information about our website, products or delivery, please contact us by phone or email. We'd be delighted to help.