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Moet Chandon Champagne GiftsNeed to send someone a bottle of Moet Champagne, then we have a great choice available for you. We have an amazing range of Moet & Chandon Champagne Gifts, from single champagne bottles, magnums, Champagne and chocolates to Champagne and glasses plus a whole lot more. Whichever gift you choose, we make sure its beautifully packed and contains your personal gift message. Moet is one of, if not the most famous Champagne brands and so whoever receives your gift should be very pleased. Visit the official Moet Champagne website here
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Moët & Chandon have been a renowned French Winemaker for over quarter of a millennium and their hallmark values of history, generosity, savoir-faire, success, boldness and elegance remain at the heart of their global success.

Founded by Claude Moët 270 years ago with a vision to transform a prestigious, but little known, regional wine into a favourite of cosmopolitans and courtiers throughout Europe.  It was his grandson, Jean-Remy Moët, that introduced Champagne to the world in the late 18th century – influential figures of the day fell in love with Moet’s effervescent wine.  It was Jean-Remy’s vision to ‘share the magic of champagne with the world’ - Moët & Chandon was soon to be the icon of success and elegance throughout the world – just as it remains today.

Moët & Chandon has a long history as the Champagne to celebrate life’s triumphs with elegance and flair – from Napolean’s conquests to Royal weddings, Hollywood Oscars to your own personal success – Moët are devoted to honouring accomplishment.

They have a long history as the symbol of celebration from the sabering of bottles to the christening of ships.  In 1967 Dan Gurney, the winner of the 24 hour Le Mans race was handed a Jeroboam of Moët  & Chandon and used it like a firehose to spray the guests to celebrate – this exuberant spray of champagne continues in almost all sporting celebrations today.  Moët were also responsible for creating the champagne pyramid with a cascade of bubbles flowing into glasses that is used to celebrate many a wedding and party.

As time has moved on, Moët & Chandon have combined the very best of their history with the latest technology to ensure that their champagne never fails to please.  Their technologies include the latest advancements in viniculture to preserve and protect the environment.  The processes and ingredients they use ensure that every variation of Moët can be enjoyed by vegans.  

They have continued to develop and evolve new champagnes like Moet Ice designed to be poured over ice creating a whole new champagne experience.

Whatever you want to celebrate we have a wonderful range of Moët & Chandon Champagne gifts to ensure that you can do it in style.