Birthday Gifts For Grandma

Looking to buy for a Grandma who has everything but don’t know what you should get? Whether for a milestone or more diminutive birthday, we’ve got a great selection of thoughtful and personalised gifts perfect for any Grandma, Granny or Nana.

A celebratory drink is always a great gift to send, especially when it comes with a personalised message and joyous balloon. Choose from a range of birthday gifts, from luxury Moet & Chandon Champagne to sassy Gordon’s Pink Gin and find that perfect gift to send anywhere in the UK.

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What are the best birthday gifts for Grandma?

You can’t just buy anything for her big day, so what’s best to buy? A gift basket or bottle of something special is always a good choice. If it’s a more diminutive birthday, then a simple bottle of their favourite drink will be sure to make them smile and show your affection. For milestone birthdays, bottles of Champagne or Prosecco work best. Some of our orders can be sent in stamped boxes that read 'Happy Birthday Grandma', meaning your gift looks as good as it tastes. Plus, adding a personal touch, such as a message, will add to their birthday experience. Our products range from wine to spirits, so you’re guaranteed to find that bottle to make her day.

What are the best 60th, 70th, 80th or 90th birthday gifts for Grandma?

A milestone birthday requires a keepsake or an exceptional gift. Bottles of Champagne or Prosecco with a flute to keep means they’ll have something to remember the occasion by. Or, a numbered birthday balloon with a bottle of their favourite wine or spirit will help make the experience memorable, especially if you can’t be there on the day. Whatever the milestone, be sure to include a gift box with ‘Happy Birthday Grandma’ stamped on the lid and a written message. Personalisation is key and will make her day extra special.

What are the best gift ideas for Grandma from a Granddaughter or Grandson?

Any Grandma, Nana or Granny loves her Grandchildren no matter the gift. But a gift from a Granddaughter or Grandson should be personalised and unique. Whether it’s a simple bottle of wine with a fun balloon or a beautiful gift set with chocolates and a personal, written message, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on her face. Gifts like these will make them feel like their Grandchildren are at home with them on their special occasion and remind them of how special her grandchildren are.

What unique birthday gifts should I get for Grandma?

Aside from a special personal message, bottles of liquor or spirits make for more unique presents. A bottle of Taylor’s Port, Glenfiddich Whisky or Baileys are all great choices and are all available for next day delivery with a balloon, personalised message, and stamped gift box. Our site offers plenty of different beverages, meaning you're able to find the products that she doesn’t already have, and that’s more meaningful. These gift ideas are sure to capture the beauty of any Grandma, Granny, Nanna, or Grandmother’s birthday in a thoughtful way.

How can I send a gift to a Grandma living in the UK?

Not all Grandmas live close, which is why we offer delivery across the United Kingdom, and we can even deliver to care homes. Whether it’s to a long-distance Step-Grandma or a Nana in a retirement home, you can send them a drink to help celebrate their birthday in the best way possible. Simply put your items in the basket, enter their shipping address, and we’ll do the rest. It’s that easy. All orders are packed and protected with wood wool in wooden boxes to ensure they arrive safely, no matter the distance. For more delivery information, don't hesitate to contact us.

What are the best card ideas for Grandma?

Once you’ve picked the product, you can add a personalised message, but what should you write? All birthday gifts should come with a card that says something meaningful. This could be a funny comment, reference to home, or simply signing it from the whole family. Our cards are plastic and can be kept as a keepsake to look back on, so make it count, especially if it's a big birthday. Saying anything personal will add colour to your order, and be sure to let Grandma know how much you care about her and her birthday.

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