Send a 65th Birthday Gift

A 65th birthday one to not miss. Whilst it might not feel like a significant milestone, it still has its significance and deserves to be celebrated in style. So what do you get someone for their 65th birthday?

A bottle of their favourite drink always makes a fantastic gift, especially when it comes with a 65th birthday balloon. From bubbly Moet to smooth Famous Grouse, we’ve got the perfect 65th birthday gifts. All include a message and selected date delivery, so you don’t miss out on celebrating with them.

Birthday Gifts For Her

Is turning 65 a big birthday?

Yes! Whilst not every birthday in between decade milestones is as big of a birthday, 65 is significant because of the age. 65 was once the 'traditional' age for retirement and is the age at which most start to reap the senior benefits. A lot can change after you turn 65; for example, you can obtain more allowances, claim discounts and if you decide to work past 65, you'll have changes to your tax payments. So yes, turning 65 is a big moment and one that should be celebrated! Whether you decide to have a party or stay in, make sure to give a gift extra special to mark the milestone.

What do you buy for a 65th birthday?

You should always give something extra special and unique for any milestone birthday like 65. Forget the generic necklaces or watches and get them something that they'll really enjoy. A luxury bottle of Champagne or elegant wine set is always a great gift for a 65th birthday. We'd highly recommend our Champagne and flute sets for a 65th as you can keep the flutes as keepsakes for the years to come. Or, browse our personalised and exclusive 65th birthday gifts selection that includes helium balloons and various beverages. You'll find thousands of gift ideas across our website, so you're guaranteed to find the perfect gift for any to-be 65-year-old in your life.

What do you buy a 65-year-old woman for her birthday?

You should always get her something she wants or loves, so think about what she enjoys drinking the most. From Prosecco, birthday sets to wine and chocolate hampers, choose what she'll love. If you're unsure, you can always play it safe with a sophisticated and elegant bottle of Champagne in one of our traditional wooden gift boxes with a 65th birthday balloon. Whatever you pick, be sure to include a personalised message to share your celebrations with the recipient. As long as you use personalisation with your gift, she'll appreciate it. If you need more inspiration, browse our selection of 65th gifts or navigate the website using the top bar. Whether she loves a Gin and Tonic, Martini or glass of Rose Wine, we've got the perfect gift for her to celebrate with.

What do you buy a 65-year-old man for his birthday?

Like for women, you should get him something that he likes. Whether that's a smooth Whisky, fruity Wine or tropical Rum, we've got the gifts to cover all tastes. You'll find most spirits and drinks included in our 65th birthday range, but you'll find thousands of more gifts across the rest of the site. From Irish Whiskeys to Caribbean Rums, any one of our gifts will make his day. We would highly recommend any one of our wines, including our English selection. Or, we have a fantastic range of Gin gifts. But what you can't go wrong with is our Champagne gifts. Any milestone birthday is incomplete without a bottle of celebratory champagne, so why not gift one? Whatever you pick, be sure to add a personalised message to make it extra special.

How can I send a 65th birthday gift to someone in the UK?

We've made it super easy to send a 65th birthday gift to any lucky recipient in the UK. No matter how far away they live, you can simply pick and send your gift straight to their door with the click of a button. Add your selected gift to your basket, enter an address during checkout, and we'll have it delivered on a day of your choice. We deliver anywhere in the UK, including to care homes and can even have the gift sent to you for events and gatherings. We understand how important milestones like these are, which is also why we offer next day delivery for those last-minute moments. So let us bring the gift and make them smile this 65th birthday. For more information about our website, products or delivery, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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