Baileys Gift Set

Baileys Irish Cream has always been a fantastic gift choice. Whether for a birthday, celebration or anniversary, it's always guaranteed to make a recipient smile. So what makes a good Baileys gift?

A single bottle of Baileys Original Irish Cream is a perfect gift choice no matter the occasion. That's why we have a fantastic range of Baileys gifts, ranging from hampers to birthday balloons. All come with a personalised message and UK delivery, so why not send one today?

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What type of alcohol is Baileys?

Baileys is a widely popular Irish Cream Liqueur made with a unique blend of flavours. These include Irish Whiskey, Irish dairy cream, rich chocolate and vanilla. All of these combine to create an exceptionally smooth and delicious liqueur. No wonder it's worldwide famous! There's many ways to drink Baileys, including over ice, in cocktails, with coffee or even baked in a cake. The possibilities are endless. There are also many different flavours of Baileys, including Salted Caramel, Orange Truffle and Apple Pie. Whilst you can find the full collection on the Baileys website, we only offer the Original Baileys in our gifts as we believe these are the most thoughtful and impressive. So no matter where you are, you can send the perfect Baileys gift for any occasion.

What mixes well with Baileys?

There's an endless amount of ways to enjoy Baileys Irish Cream, which is why it's one of the best liqueurs to experiment with. From cocktails to desserts, you can mix Baileys with whatever you like. The most popular way to drink Baileys is over ice however one of the best things to mix with it is coffee. You can also add Baileys to cake mix to create an indulgent dessert or pour over the top of a bowl of ice cream. So why not treat yourself to a boozy hot chocolate or an indulgent ice coffee? Whether for yourself or as a surprise for someone you know, send a single bottle of Original Baileys to enjoy in any way possible. We have a fantastic range of Baileys gifts, including those for a birthday, anniversary or retirement. They're all perfect if you're looking to send an indulgent treat.

What are some good Baileys gifts?

No matter the occasion or recipient, Baileys always makes a great gift. Whether to say Happy Birthday, Thank You or Congratulations, you can say it with a single bottle of Baileys. If you're looking for a birthday gift, why not send one of our Baileys and birthday balloon gift sets? Or for a celebratory event, we recommend our congratulations stamped box. We have a wide range of stamped boxes for a range of occasions, so no matter the reason for sending a Baileys gift, we've got you covered! Or, if you're looking for a gift that gives more than just a single bottle, why not send one of our Baileys and chocolate hampers? Beautifully paired, these hampers are handcrafted to suit any occasion. All of our Baileys gifts come with a personalised message and delivery anywhere in the UK.

Who should I buy Baileys for?

You can buy Baileys for anyone over the age of 18. It's perfect for anyone that loves Baileys or enjoys a delicious treat, Baileys is ideal no matter the occasion. In fact, you really don't need a reason to send a bottle to yourself or someone you know! Whilst it's ideal to treat someone to Baileys on a special occasion, it also makes a great nightcap on a night in. Perfect for sharing with friends and family or adding to desserts, Baileys can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere at any time. So why not send someone a Baileys gift set?

How can I send a Baileys gift to someone by post in the UK?

We've made it easy to send a beautiful Baileys gift to anyone no matter where they are in the UK. Sent directly to their door, any one of our Baileys gifts can be sent by post across the UK. So no matter the occasion, you can send someone the perfect gift. All you need to do is browse our range of Baileys gifts and place one into your shopping basket. Then, enter your recipient's details, including address, during checkout and we'll handle the rest! So whether it's someone's birthday, leaving party or anniversary, you can send the perfect Baileys gift straight to them. All of our gifts come with a personalised message and UK delivery. For more information about our website, products or delivery, please contact us by phone or email. We'd be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.