Rum Birthday Gifts

Looking for a Rum gift but don't know what to get? We've got you covered. So when it comes to a birthday gift for a Rum-lover, what should you get?

Any bottle of Rum makes a perfect gift for a fan of the drink. Whether Dark, Spiced or White, we've got a range that guarantees you'll find the ideal birthday present for any recipient. All sent with a personal message; these are perfect for any pirate or Captain in your life with a birthday.

What is a good Rum to give as a gift?

We sell a range of the top Rum sellers. From Captain Morgan to Bacardi, you'll find many included in our gift sets. The one you pick is up to you and mostly dependant on what your recipient likes. Whilst all Rums are delicious, they're also all different. You'll find that most include Bacardi in our birthday range due to it being the most popular. Bacardi is not only suitable for coeliacs, but it's great for cocktails and mixers. So if you're not sure whether they drink Rum straight or if you know they love Rum based drinks, then we would definitely recommend a bottle or birthday set of Bacardi. We also sell Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan Spiced Gold for fans of spiced variations and Havana Club for fans of dark Rum. So whatever their preferences, you'll find the ideal bottle with us.

What are some special Rum gifts for a birthday?

Any of our Birthday sets are perfect Rum gifts for anyone levelling up in life. A joyous balloon and beautiful 'Happy Birthday' gift box is the perfect gift to make anyone feel special on their day. Whilst most include Bacardi, you can add a balloon to any gift at checkout, along with a personal message. So don't let that stop you from adding that fun and celebratory extra touch! Or, you could opt for one of our Rum and chocolates or gourmet food hampers. More sophisticated and just as tasteful, our hampers are a perfect birthday treat right down to the last glass and bite. These sets and gift boxes are exclusive, so don't miss out on giving them a gift to treasure for a long time. For more inspiration, browse our selection of Rum Birthday Gifts or head to our Rum page to see the other hampers we offer.

What do you mix with Rum to make it taste good?

Straight Rum isn't to everyone's taste. But luckily, Rum goes just as well with mixers and is perfect in Caribbean style cocktails. Coke is a popular choice when it comes to mixers. Finished with a lemon or lime wedge and some ice, it makes the perfect drink at rum o'clock. White Rum also gives well with Lemonade; however, lime is best to go with Rum. This is why, if you need a citrusy kick to your Rum, then add lemon or lime juice. Or, if you're a fan of Malibu Rum, then why not add a dash of Coconut water? Basically, anything fruity or tropical will complement Rum really well. Or, make some cocktails. Whether they're rum-based or not, you can add rum to most cocktails. For example, you can substitute Vodka for Rum in some Martinis, such as the Pornstar or Espresso. This makes an interesting twist and is sure to spice up any party you're having. However, the way to drink your Rum is down to preference, so find what works for you!

What is the difference between Rum and Spiced Rum?

It's a common question as it's easy to get them confused, but the answer is so simple. Spiced Rum is Rum that's been infused and mixed with different spices. From simple fruits to cinnamon and cardamon, Spiced Rum often includes a range of different flavours that, in the end, make it class as spiced. There is no difference in colour either. Spiced Rum can be light or dark, depending on how long it's been aged for. Which one is better depends on your taste and preference. Most like Spiced Rum for the subtle notes of different flavours and spices; others find it's a nice twist to a classic Rum-based drink. If you're looking to buy a gift for a Rum lover, then it doesn't matter which one you pick unless you know their preference. Our best Spiced Rums are Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan Gold.

How can I send a Rum Birthday Gift in the UK?

We've made it easy to send Rum birthday gift to anyone anywhere within the UK. But, of course, you can't always be there to give a gift in person, so why not send one? With next day or selected date delivery, it's never been easier to shop and send a birthday gift to someone, even if you live miles from them. Simply browse our selection and place the perfect gift in your basket. Then enter an address at checkout, and we'll handle the rest. We'll even offer to add a balloon and personal message to your gift for an extra touch. So even if you're shopping last minute, we've got you covered. Plus, make an account with your first order and make checkout faster every time after that. It's never been easier to send Rum gift sets across the UK. For more information about our website, products or delivery, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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