Prosecco Delivery

We know you love Prosecco, and we can assure you, you’re not the only one. At Sparkling Direct, our ultimate goal is to deliver you with high-quality wine and exceptional service. But the question we really want to ask you is, what brings you here today?

Our Prosecco gift sets are an essential to any great celebration. Whether it be a birthday, anniversary or just a giant thank you, we have got your needs covered.

We carry a large variety here at Sparkling Direct. It is no secret that choosing a perfect wine can be a tedious task when planning an extravagant gift for a loved one since we all have such differing tastes and preferences. Save your time and worries! Let us introduce you to our line of Prosecco gift sets.

Prosecco is the ideal gifting wine for a number of reasons. Since it is a near and dear friend of champagne, it shares many of the lovely qualities that champagne offers. However, while champagne tends to be particularly dry, Prosecco is much fruitier and light in flavor.

For you, this means that it is more likely that the recipient of your lovely gift will fall head over heels for these dynamic combinations.

There are three Prosecco sets in particular that we want to draw your attention to. These are our top picks that we already know tingle taste buds

Prosecco and Chocolate Gift Set

This package comes in an elegant wool-lined box that houses one bottle of our Prosecco Spumante and a sleek box of delectable Belgian chocolates. This is a fantastic gift for any loved one with a raging sweet tooth and an eye for class.

Prosecco and White Flutes Gift Box

Talk about a celebration for two! This package contains one bottle of our delicious prosecco along with two white acrylic flutes to enjoy it in, and it all comes in a beautifully wrapped box with ribbon. This set is a terrific choice for a wedding celebration, anniversary, or even as a romantic gesture for a special someone.

Prosecco Birthday Gift Set

This lovely little set contains a single bottle of Prosecco Spumante from the Casa Defra family vineyards. Not only is the prosecco light and tasty, but it is packaged modestly in a wooden “happy birthday” stamped box. With this ornate presentation, you will be sure to show your loved one just how special they truly are.

All of these sets also come with a message card that you can customise and send with your gift package.

Where To Buy Prosecco Gifts?

Prosecco gifts are loved by everyone as Prosecco is currently so popular in the UK and we have arranged some beautiful gift ideas. From single bottle gifts, Prosecco and Chocolates or Prosecco & Flowers we have you covered.

So the next time you're thinking to send a gift to your mum, dad, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, grandma, grandad, granparents, mother in law, father in law, uncle, auntie, niece, nepthew, cousin, colleagues, coworkers, team, teacher, tutor, best mate, best friend or even the Boss think Sparkling Direct.

Top 10 Prosecco Gift Ideas

Prosecco Delivery London

Sparkling Direct Provide next day Prosecco delivery service in London, all gifts ordered before 4pm Monday to Thursday. Saturday deliveries can be arranged.

Prosecco delivery in London from single bottles to a case of 12 bottles.

Gifts For Prosecco Lovers

We have a great range of Prosecco gifts, all available for next day delivery throughout the UK. If you know someone who loves a glass or two of Prosecco then we're sure they will love these gifts.

Ordering prosecco online or by telephone with us is simple, should take less than 5 minutes. Place the order before 4pm and we can deliver next day throughout the UK. The only exceptions are a few remote places in the Scottish highlands and Northern Ireland.

Prosecco Gifts Delivered UK

Over the past few years the popularity of Prosecco has boomed and we have delivered gifts to hundreds if not thousands of recipients across the UK.

For our prosseco gifts to be sent in the post we only use industry specific packaging, which has been designed to keep the bottle safe whilst in transit and has been rigorously tested by all parties concerned.

Prosecco Birthday Gifts

Sending a Prosecco birthday gift couldn't be easier and we have a nice collection of Prosecco birthday gifts right here for you to choose from. Next day delivery is available on all of our Prosecco birthday gift sets.

Order online or by phone and we will deliver to the address of your choice, carefully packaged with your special gift message and on the delivery date you choose too.

Champagne Vs Prosecco

Champagne is so called because of the region in which it's made, similar methods are used in the manufacture of Prosecco - but there are crucial differences that set Champagne apart from the rest.

Champagne's 'Methode Champenoise' process has strict regulations that require non-vintage varietals to be aged 'on the lees' in the bottle for at least 15 months. This means that the Champagne is kept in the bottle with the sediment that forms, while it's gradually turned and inverted until it's time for the lees, or sediment, to be removed.

For Prosecco, the Italian Charmat method is applied. Secondary fermentation takes place in steel enamel-covered tanks rather than in the individual bottles and the resulting fizz is then bottled under pressure in a continuous process.

Prosecco hails from the Veneto region in northeast Italy and is produced primarily from the prosecco or glera grape, which is native to the Veneto region of Italy.

Prosecco is generally characterized by notes of green apples, citrus and white flowers that are usually light and delicate and not exceedingly complex. Some prosecco even borders on sweet, or what's known as off-dry.

Prosecco is an affordable sparkling wine that is an excellent everyday option. It's also a great choice for sparkling wine-based cocktails