White Wine Gifts

Chablis White Wine Gift

Not sure what to send someone for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, engagement of simply as a thank you, then why not send them a white wine gift. Us mere mortals have been drinking wine almost since time began itself and nowadays there is quite simply a most amazing choice of white wines available produced in a large variety of styles and in many many differing countries and cultures. 

Whether it is a still or a sparkling wine you are looking to send that certain someone, we here at Sparkling Direct have one for you. Our main selection is that of Champagne and we specialize in selling most of the major Grande marques, however, we will look more closely at champagne gifts at another time. Today we are concentrating on our wine and in particular our still white wines.

We stock white wine from a number of countries at present, which include France,  Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and South America which all produce wines with a different distinct flavour.

The white wine grape varieties we have, cover the most popular ones such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio.  Sauvignon Blanc originated from the Bordeaux region of France and is one of the worlds most cultivated white wine grape varieties.

The ground upon which the grapes are set also passes subtle but yet distinct differences and has lead to wider varieties of wines such as Sancerre, Bordeaux, Pouilly fume, Chablis and many more. Sauvignon Blanc has a flavour that is of a crisp, slightly dry but yet refreshing taste and we stock a Sauvignon Blanc from France, Chile and Argentina.  Perhaps the other most popular white wine gift variety is that of Chardonnay. 

As with the Sauvignon Blanc variety of green grape, Chardonnay too originated in France, the Burgundy region.  Again as with the Sauvignon Blanc grape it gets most of its flavour from either the terroir, soil and then from the fermentation and storage method such as oak barrels. 

Chardonnay is one of the easiest wine making grapes to produce and grows in many soil types, however, it prefers Chalk, Clay and Limestone areas. It is due to the Chardonnay grape reflecting the different  soil types in its taste that it does not have one distinct taste, which is part of its charm. We stock Chardonnay wine gifts from France, Chile, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Many people the world over enjoy a nice bottle of chilled white wine and our selection of white wine gifts allows you to select from many differing gifts. You can send single bottles of your favourite white wines, twin bottles offering 2 bottles of the same wine or two different wines, three bottle gifts, wine and chocolates or pate and don’t forget the case deals.