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Vodka is one of the oldest spirits in the world and one which the majority of the world would have tried in one form or another during their lifetime, hence this is a great gift choice to send.

Vodka’s origins are based in the colder Baltic states such as Russia and Poland, and this spirit soon spread across the Baltic sea into Scandinavia. A clear but very strong spirit, Vodka can be made by using a variety of bases but the most popular ones today are Grains, such as Rye or Wheat, Potatoes and even sugars from Grapes!

Vodkas come in a huge variety of styles and price points and it is the more expensive ones today that are ideal ‘sipping’ vodkas – these are produced to a high quality and are made to be drunk on their own as opposed to be needed to be mixed with something else such as a cocktail.

We stock a variety of Vodkas from some of the worlds most renowned brands such as Grey Goose, Belvedere, Ciroc, Absolut, Chase and Smirnoff.

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Sending a Vodka as a gift suits many people as Vodka can be drunk on its own or used with other spirits and soft drinks to form a cocktail or a simple long drink over ice.

Our Vodka gifts can be sent all over the UK and beyond and come in a collection of wonderful gift boxes and hampers, either as single bottles or packaged together with other drinks or tasty treats.

With home cocktails becoming a major trend, sending a bottle of Vodka makes for a great choice and much like Gin, Vodkas are becoming more varied with a large assortment of flavours and strengths to choose from.

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