Absolut Vodka Gifts

Absolut is a great choice if you're looking for a gift for a Vodka lover. With many different flavours and sets, there's plenty to choose from. So what are some good Absolut Vodka gifts?

Flavoured bottles and gift sets are all great for any occasion. From birthdays to anniversaries, any bottle from the Absolut Vodka range will make them smile. We've got a brilliant range of Absolut gifts, including twin sets and flavours. All come with a personal message and delivery across the UK.

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Is Absolut Vodka good?

100% Swedish, Absolut Vodka is known across the globe for its crisp and clear flavour. Widely sold in pubs, bars and supermarkets, the spirit brand strives on their quality within every bottle. Whilst they might not be the most expensive or refined Vodka on the market, they are always looking to better their range. With many different flavours available, they stick to traditional farming and production. All ingredients are sourced from southern Sweden, and they're big on sustainability. The result? A consistently high-quality Vodka in every bottle. Absolut is great for mixers and cocktails, especially with their flavoured range. So if you're looking for a Vodka that's classic in taste and ideal for cocktails, you want Absolut.

What are some good Absolut Vodka gifts?

We always recommend a single bottle of Absolut when considering gifts. Whether on its own or with a box of chocolates, it's perfect for any Vodka lover in your life. No matter the occasion, we have a stamped box perfectly paired with the original Absolut Vodka for you to send anywhere in the UK. Or, if you're looking for giving something more, we would recommend our twin set, Vodka and chocolate hampers or our single bottles of flavoured Absolut. Their Vanilla and Raspberri are highly popular and recommended to give as a gift. All of our gifts come with a personalised message and delivery anywhere in the UK, meaning there's no reason not to send someone the perfect Absolut gift set.

Which Absolut Vodka flavour is the best?

There are currently 12 different bottles and flavours of Absolut Vodka, including Absolut Original, Absolut Raspberri and Absolut Vanilia. These make for the perfect cocktail creation and are ideal for any Vodka fan. The Swedish Vodka has one of the most exceptional and tasteful ranges on the market today, and they're definitely one to get your hands on. Beautifully flavoured and balanced, the Absolut distillery completely redefined the Vodka landscape by revolutionising the world of cocktail creation. So which flavour is best? We recommend Original, Raspberri and Vanilia as these are the most tasteful with mixers or in cocktails. Whilst there are many other flavours, including Absolut lime and Absolut Mango, we believe that these are not as ideal for gifts as the number of cocktails they can be used in is limited due to flavour. Original is the standard and award-winning on a number of levels. That's why we highly recommend the Original if you're looking to send an Absolut Vodka gift.

Can you drink Absolut Vodka straight?

You can drink Vodka however you like! However, the most popular ways to drink Vodka are with mixers or in cocktails. Vodka isn't always the nicest to drink straight or over ice, but it's a preference. We recommend mixing Vodka with either Coke or lemonade, regardless of the flavour you've got. When it comes to cocktails, Vodka is best in Martinis. We highly recommend either Absolut Original or Absolut Vanila for Martinis, as it adds a sweeter and smoother taste. We've got a range of flavours and gifts so you can find the method of drinking that you like best.

How can I send an Absolut Vodka gift to someone by post?

We've made it easy to send a bottle of Absolut Vodka anywhere in the UK, no matter how far away they may live. Whether for a birthday, celebration or anniversary, we'll make sure your gift is delivered to their door on a day that suits you. Simply browse our range of Absolute Vodka gifts and place your selected gift in your basket. Then enter your recipient's details, including address, during the checkout process and we'll handle the rest! Next day or selected date delivery is available anywhere in the UK and we'll even print out and include a personalised message. So your recipient knows it was you who sent them such a delightful and thoughtful gift. For more information about our website, products or delivery, please get in contact by either phone or email. We'd be more than happy to help with any queries you may have.