Jack Daniels Whiskey Gifts

What can we say about Jack Daniels, probably the most well known whiskey brand around. Jack Daniels is a bourbon and we supply a great range of Jack Daniels whiskey gifts, from a single bottle of Old Number 7 to Jack Daniels Honey and chocolates plus many more, all lovingly packaged and delivered complete with a personal gift message.

Jack Daniels

Jasper Newton Daniel, fondly known as Jack, left home in 1864 and was taken in by Reverend Dan Call and his family to work on their farm.  It was here that Jack learned the art of making whiskey alongside an enslaved man called Nathan ‘Nearest’ Green.  

After the Civil War Reverend Call was given an ultimatum by his congregation – give up the whiskey or give up being a Minister.  Reverend Call sold his business to Jack who made Nearest (now a free man) the head distiller at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.  Although slave labour had been very much a part of life in the South, at Jack Daniel’s Distillery they never owned slaves but worked side by side with hired men.

In 1866 the very first registered distillery in the US was established, The Jack Daniel’s Distillery.  It wasn’t long before the now-famous distillery was opened next to Cave Spring Hollow – the mineral-rich source of Jack Daniel’s prime resource.  Here Nearest’s sons, George and Eli, and his grandsons Ott, Jesse and Charlie all worked alongside Jack at the distillery.  More than 150 years have passed since Nearest and Jack started making Whiskey together and there is still a descendant of Nearest working at Jack Daniel’s today.

In 1904 Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 takes a gold medal at the World’s Fair in St Louis.  Six more gold medals followed for Old No 7!

In 1906 Jack arrives early and unable to open his safe, kicks it in frustration and breaks his toe – an action which would later take his life as the injury worsened.  In 1907 Jack leaves his land and distillery to his nephew, Lem Notlow.

Lem takes on his younger brother Jess as Master Distiller and together they steer the Distillery through the tough times of Prohibition.  The whiskey is stored for years doing nothing until the end of prohibition in 1933.  Surviving this the Distillery had to shut down again as WWII reaches its peak in 1944 so resources can be directed to the war effort.

In 1947 Jack Daniel’s is offered to Frank Sinatra – A drink he is never to forget.  A glass of Jack Daniel’s would be with him always – by his mic, on his private jet, at award ceremonies – even in his jacket pocket as he was laid to rest.  

With the age of Rock and Roll, Jack Daniel’s was back to pre-prohibition production levels.  The new master Distillers Jess Gamble and Frank Bobo see the brand come of age and become an American icon.  In 1966 Jack Daniel’s makes it to Great Britain following in the footsteps of American Blues.

It was time for Jack Daniel’s to add more brands to their family and in 1988 Gentleman Jack, a double-mellowed whiskey is introduced to the American market by master distiller, Jimmy Bedford.  Single Barrel Select is bottled in 1997 from barrels created by Jimmy himself.  2011 sees the addition of their first flavoured expression, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.  In 2015 it was time to turn up the heat and Tennessee Fire is added to the Family tree - with its fiery finish its best enjoyed chilled.  The latest member of the Jack Daniel’s Family is Tennessee Rye - a spicy and complex whiskey with more rye.

It’s been over 150 years since Jack and Nearest started making Whiskey together – join the celebration and choose from our great range of Jack Daniel’s gifts.