What Is a Magnum of Champagne?

What Size is a Magnum of Champagne

When it comes to Champagne, the size of the bottle can have a significant impact on the experience. One of the popular sizes that often catches enthusiasts’ attention is the magnum.

A magnum of Champagne holds double the amount found in a standard 750ml bottle, equivalent to two regular or 1.5 litres. The magnum size, known for its grandeur and elegance, has become synonymous with celebrations and special occasions.

The magnum’s larger capacity offers several advantages when it comes to preserving and enhancing the quality of champagne. Firstly, due to its larger volume, a magnum allows for more contact between wine and yeast sediment during secondary fermentation in the bottle.

This extended ageing process results in more complex flavours and aromas in the champagne. Additionally, this size helps maintain better carbonation levels as there is less oxygen-to-wine ratio inside than in smaller bottles.

Furthermore, serving champagne from a magnum adds a touch of theatricality to any event or gathering while ensuring an ample supply for everyone. It eliminates concerns about running out too quickly or opening multiple bottles, allowing hosts to enjoy their soirées with peace of mind.

Moreover, thanks to their larger size and thicker glass walls than standard bottles, magnums provide better insulation against temperature fluctuations during service—keeping the wine chilled for extended periods without compromising its taste. A magnum of champagne stands out as an impressive vessel that holds twice as much liquid as a regular bottle.

This increased volume contributes positively to both the taste and presentation aspects of enjoying this effervescent beverage. Whether seeking complexity in flavours or planning a celebration that demands an extravagant display – reaching for a magnum will elevate your champagne experience.

What is bigger than a Magnum of Champagne

With its effervescent bubbles and exquisite taste, Champagne is a beverage synonymous with celebration and luxury. And when it comes to serving Champagne in larger quantities, the Magnum is often the go-to choice. However, for those seeking an even grander statement at their special occasions or events, there are Champagne bottle sizes that surpass the Magnum in volume.

One such size that exceeds the Magnum is known as Jeroboam. A Jeroboam of Champagne holds approximately three litres or four standard bottles’ worth of Champagne.

It is important to note that there are varying definitions for bottle sizes across different regions and countries. In some cases, a Jeroboam can hold double the volume of a Magnum, while others may consider it slightly smaller.

Nevertheless, it remains a substantial vessel for pouring Champagne and creates a striking visual impact. Moving up in size from the Jeroboam, we find Rehoboam bottles, which boast an impressive capacity of around four and a half litres or six regular bottles’ worth of Champagne.

This larger format captures attention effortlessly and makes an unforgettable centrepiece at any gathering. The Rehoboam showcases abundance and demonstrates the host’s commitment to providing an extravagant experience for their guests.

Continuing on our journey through oversized Champagne bottles brings us to Methuselahs. These gigantic containers hold approximately six litres or eight standard bottles’ worth of Champagne—making them ideal for celebrations where larger groups gather to revel together in harmonious cheerfulness.

The presence of a Methuselah commands attention and heralds an extraordinary occasion that demands nothing less than exceptional indulgence. We reach the pinnacle of magnificence – Salmanazar bottles – offering an astounding capacity equaling nine litres or twelve standard bottles’ worth of delightful bubbly nectar.

These colossal vessels rarely fail to turn heads and make quite the statement at grand festivities like weddings or major corporate events. While the Magnum is a well-known and popular size for serving Champagne, there are sizes that exceed its capacity, each adding its own touch of grandeur and extravagance to any celebration.

From the majestic Jeroboam to the commanding Salmanazar, these larger formats capture attention and elevate the experience of enjoying Champagne to new heights. So, whether you choose a Magnum or go even bigger, the impressive array of sizes ensures an option suitable for every occasion and taste.


A magnum of Champagne is a truly remarkable and unique size that holds the equivalent of two standard bottles (1.5 litres) of this exquisite sparkling wine. With its larger format, a magnum offers several advantages over smaller bottles. Firstly, the extended ageing potential ensures that the wine evolves and matures slower, allowing greater complexity and depth of flavours to develop over time.

This makes it perfect for special occasions or those who prefer Champagne with more maturity. Additionally, serving Champagne from a magnum brings an enchanting element of grandeur and spectacle to any event or celebration.

The larger bottle size adds an air of elegance and ensures that everyone can share the joyous experience together. The larger format promotes conviviality as it encourages conversation and connection among guests.

In today’s fast-paced world, where life often moves at lightning speed, taking the time to savour and appreciate moments of indulgence becomes even more important. A magnum of Champagne embodies this philosophy perfectly – it invites us to slow down, linger in the moment, and relish life’s pleasures.

So whether you’re celebrating an important milestone or want to elevate your everyday moments, embracing a Champagne magnum allows you to savour life’s effervescent delights with an optimistic spirit that leaves lasting memories and feeling good about indulging in its splendour. Cheers!

Top 5 Champagne Magnum Gifts

1. Moet & Chandon Champagne Magnum
2. Lanson Champagne Magnum
3. Laurent Perrier Champagne Magnum
4. Bollinger Champagne Magnum
5. Pol Roger Champagne Magnum

Moet & Chandon Champagne Magnum 150cl in Wooden Gift Box

Moet & Chandon Champagne Magnum

A gift box that provides the recipient with a bit more champagne to enjoy than a traditionally sized bottle; this especially voluminous Moet & Chandon Champagne Magnum Gift Box offers an especially large volume of 150cl to enjoy and a stylish appearance that offers a sturdy method of delivery as well. The perfect present for anyone with a little extra personalisation added this lovely gift box can come with a personalised message along with it if desired. Great as an engagement, wedding, retirement or even a thank you or simple congratulations for any important event that comes up in their lives.


Lanson Champagne Magnum 150cl in Wooden Gift Box

Lanson Champagne Magnum

Offering an impressively large volume within a simply chic gift box, this set includes a magnum size bottle of Lanson Black Label Brut NV Champagne within it that features a bold and crisp flavour that any recipient is sure to fully enjoy. A great gift to give for any occasion you can come up with, this Lanson Champagne Magnum 150cl Gift Box makes the perfect present to have delivered to a special event, or even just as a way to say congratulations on a job well done. Simple to customise with a truly personal message if desired as well, this gift box will have anyone that receives it showering you with thanks for sending such a wonderful gift.


Laurent Perrier Champagne Magnum 150cl in Wooden Gift Box

Laurent Perrier Champagne Magnum

An amazing gift box that allows any recipient to fully savour the flavour of the wonderful bottle of Champagne placed within it; this Laurent Perrier Champagne Magnum 150cl Gift Box provides them with more than enough volume to enjoy or even share with others if desired. A great gift option to send for a large array of different possible occasions or events, this incredibly versatile gift box makes an amazing option to send to a birthday party, a wedding, an engagement and beyond. Securely contained within a wool-lined wooden box and easy to personalise with a personal message, this gift box makes a lovely delivery that anyone would be truly thrilled to receive.


Bollinger Champagne Magnum 150cl in Wooden Gift Box

Bollinger Champagne Magnum

Elegant, stylish, and just right for delivery to any location or occasion, this Bollinger Champagne Magnum 150cl Gift Box provides anyone that receives it with an impressively large volume of nut-like, fruity, spicy, and delightful flavour that they won’t be able to pass up. Presented in a fashionable wooden box and boasting an appearance that will stand out from every other gift they receive; this truly remarkable gift box will instantly become the recipients favourite present from the moment they open it. Personalise this gift with a heartfelt personal message if desired and know that you’ve sent the absolute best.


Pol Roger Champagne Magnum 150cl in Wooden Gift Box

Pol Roger Champagne Magnum

Perfect for any event or gathering, get everyone talking with this elegant and delightful Pol Roger Magnum. Available to send anywhere in the UK, this gift contains a single Magnum (1.5 litres) of Pol Roger Champagne to enjoy on any occasion. It’s packaged and presented in one of our classic wooden gift boxes and is protected with wood wool to ensure safe delivery. Whether for you or someone else, this is guaranteed to get the party started! You can personalise this gift with a written message and have it delivered either the next day or on a selected date of your choice. No matter the occasion, make it extra special with this exceptional gift.


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