Celebration Champagne Gifts

Planning a special event or celebration? At Sparkling Direct, we know that celebrations come in all shapes and sizes! That’s why our Champagne gifts are perfect for toasting any occasion - from birthday parties, anniversaries, new arrivals and new homes. Our range has something for everyone!

Our Champagne provides the perfect accompaniment to celebrate any milestone or event – whether it be a wedding, anniversary, graduation or birthday. With next-day delivery available across the UK and personal gift card messages included with each bottle, your friends and family will feel truly honored by your thoughtful gesture.

Next Day Delivery

Are you looking for that special something to mark a momentous occasion? Look no further than Sparkling Direct! Our selection of brut, rosé and vintage Champagnes from the world's best brands - including Louis Roederer, Veuve Clicquot and Bollinger - is sure to put some sparkling fizz into your celebration.

Plus with our gift boxes, sets and hampers ready for next-day delivery you can show someone just how much they mean. Make any event or milestone magnificent by adding perfectly paired champagne – create memories that last forever!

Personalised Labels

Sparkling Direct offers the perfect way to mark an occasion with something truly special. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, an engagement, or just because – our beautifully crafted bottles are sure to make it all the more memorable. We know that every occasion is unique, so we allow you to add your own words and messages directly onto each label as well as including a gift card message in the box if desired. Plus all of our bottles come gift boxed and can be delivered next day within the UK!

Show your appreciation for someone special with a luxurious Champagne-filled celebration. Make their day memorable and order from us today!

Gift Sets Delivered Next Day

Looking to surprise someone with a special gift box? Look no further than Sparkling Direct! We make all your Champagne gifting needs easy, convenient and special. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, birthday, retirement or wedding - we have the perfect selection of brut Champagne gift sets that can be delivered next day. Plus, you can include a custom gift card message for that extra personalised touch! Our range includes brands like Bollinger, Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and Laurent Perrier.

Step up your gifting game with our thoughtful and unique gifts from Sparkling Direct! These are sure to delight those lucky enough to receive them. Be the one who stands out from the crowd by giving such an exquisite present on your loved ones' special occasions.

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Why did Champagne become a celebration drink?

Champagne became a celebration drink due to its association with luxury and extravagance. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Champagne was popularized among the French aristocracy as a symbol of wealth and sophistication. Its effervescence and unique taste made it a popular choice for special occasions such as weddings, christenings, and royal celebrations.

Over time, Champagne became synonymous with celebrating and has remained a popular choice for weddings, New Year's Eve, and other festive occasions. Today, Champagne is enjoyed worldwide and is often the drink of choice for toasting and commemorating special moments.

What are the 3 types of Champagne?

  • Blanc de Blancs: Made entirely from Chardonnay grapes, this type of Champagne is light, crisp, and refreshing. It is perfect for pairing with seafood, salads, and light appetizers.
  • Blanc de Noirs: Made from Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes, this type of Champagne has a richer and more complex flavour profile. It pairs well with meats, cheeses, and more substantial dishes.
  • Rosé: Made by adding a small amount of red wine to the blend, rosé Champagne has a beautiful pink color and a fruity, floral flavour. It is an excellent choice for celebrations and pairs well with chocolate and desserts.

What is a good birthday Champagne?

Choosing a good birthday Champagne largely depends on personal preferences and budget. Some popular options include Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, and Dom Pérignon. These Champagnes are known for their high quality and exceptional taste, making them perfect for special occasions.

However, there are many other great Champagnes to choose from at varying price points. It's always a good idea to do some research, read reviews, and even try a few different Champagnes to find the one that best suits your taste and budget.

Is Prosecco a Popular Sparkling Wine?

Prosecco is a popular sparkling wine that is often associated with celebrations. It is a great alternative to Champagne and is generally less expensive. Prosecco is made from the Glera grape and is produced in the Veneto region of Italy.

While Prosecco is not considered as luxurious as Champagne and is not typically served at formal events or high-end restaurants, it is still a great choice for more casual celebrations and gatherings. Its light and fruity flavour profile make it a popular choice for brunches, bridal showers, and other daytime events. Overall, Prosecco is a versatile and festive drink that can be enjoyed in many different settings.