Wine Gift Sets Delivered Next Day

Wine Gift Sets Delivered Next Day

Whatever your passion for wine, receiving a wine gift set is a great way to enjoy and experiment with your favourite drink. We offer a large variety of wine gift sets for you to enjoy or send to a like minded friend or colleague from single bottles of wine on their own, to crates of six bottles or cases of twelve for those of you who are a little more thirsty! 

Our wine gift sets consist of an assortment of grape varieties, such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc for the white wine lovers to Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon for the fans of red wines.  Our wines are selected purely on taste and from there we try to give a spread of wines from different countries. We currently provide wine gift sets containing wines from America, Spain, Italy, France, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Chile.

Sending a wine gift set is a great way to sample new wines with many of our multiple wine gifts combining different wine types in the same gift. We offer twin bottle gifts of the same wine, similar wines together ie a Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon from the same vineyard to simple gifts of a red and a white wine from the same vineyard.  Both of these types of gift continue to be some of our most popular.

Another wine gift of ours which remains popular are the three bottle wine gift sets. Here you can send and receive a nice selection of wines covering differing grapes and countries.

The Tri-Nation gift we offer is a really good one, and is named after the Tri nation rugby tournament which compliments our six nations one. Here you get a bottle of wine from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa all presented in the one box.  You can choose to have three red wines, three white wines or a mix of two red and one white.

Some of the other wine gifts that we deliver contain a single bottle of wine together with an accompaniment such as chocolate.  The wine and chocolate gifts are very nice indeed but we also offer wine gift sets consisting of wine, pate and biscuits, wine and cuddly bear, wine and flowers or wine and a couple of wine glasses.

If it is just the wine you are after then the case deals we offer are probably the best bet and offer very good value indeed.  They also offer a selection of the wines so you get the taste of the entire range.