Miniature Champagne Bottles

Miniature Champagne Bottles

Champagne is one of those products that comes in an extremely high number of different size bottles. It must be one of a very few products where it is possible to get a miniature right through to a giant size, and we do mean giant size. 

Miniature Champagne bottles are 20cl in size and are designed to be the perfect size for a single individual. With this in mind mini Champagne bottles make fantastic wedding favours. The idea is to have a mini Champagne bottle for each of your guests. Over the past five – six years it has become a trendy way for the Champagne to be drunk from a miniature bottle through a straw rather than poured into a glass and drunk in the usual way. 

Most Champagne houses such as Lanson, Laurent Perrier, Moet et Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and Pommery all now produce their Champagnes in the miniature bottle size. Some brands however do not and only produce down to a half bottle.  The brands that do produce miniature bottles generally produce the Champagne in both their non-vintage and Rose types.

Due to its growing popularity, the Champagne houses often produce their miniature champagne bottles in some sort of gift packaging and perhaps the main one that launched this idea was the Veuve Clicquot Paint-tin. This gift was fantastic and contained four miniature champagne bottles together with four quirky Champagne drinking spouts, which simply attached to the top of the bottle, all of which were then supplied in a slightly oversized tin, which did look like a tin of paint. 

Veuve no longer produce this item and it is such a shame as we still get enquiries for it. Moet have recently produced a very similar product however, it hasn’t yet caught the imagination of the consumer in the same way. Moet also produce gift packs of three miniature champagne bottles which do sell very well.

Producers such as Pommery have spent much time and effort in producing special limited edition miniature champagne bottles for specific events. For example Pommery have named their miniature champagne ‘pop’ and this is branded separately from the regular, larger sized bottles.

Pop comes in designer based bottle liveries such as a Paul Smith one or a Union Jack and also trendy themes such as Pommery Jack, which is a set of four bottles each having a suit of cards on it ie one has spades, a heart, club and diamond these are produced in a poker style metal box.

Miniature Champagne bottles make a great purchase for any party and as they generally come in 4’s or more are quite cost effective and convenient. They never fail to make a wow factor.