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If its single malt whisky you are after then you cant go wrong with Glenmorangie. We stock a good variety of Glenmorangie Whisky Gifts, ranging from single bottles to single malt and chocolates plus much much more. We sell Glenmorangie La Santa, Quinta Ruban, Nectar D'Or plus 10 and 18 Year Old, so the choice is completely yours. All our Glenmorangie gifts come carefully packaged with your special gift message.

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William Matheson founded the Glenmorangie Distillery in 1843 in the Scottish Highlands on the banks of Dornoch Firth.  Matheson’s single malt whiskey was wonderfully complex and exceptionally smooth.   These award winning single malts are distilled in Scotland’s tallest stills and then matured in fine casks perfected by The Men of Tain, the guardians of Glenmorangie.
The Men of Tain are the craftsmen that nurture the secrets of the distillery and it is their skill, passion, attention to detail that makes Glenmorangie so much more than a whisky.  In the past the men would queue for a dram of whisky to have with their lunch – an extra dram would be awarded to the men that had a less popular job to do!

The Glenmorangie stills are an impressive 8 metres high with the copper necks standing as tall as an adult giraffe at over 5 metres high.   The long necks of the copper stills ensures that only the purest of vapours make it to the top and produce a smoother more elegant whisky.  To ensure that this rounder and smoother taste is maintained the whiskey is matured in fine oak casks which are only used twice.  Once the casks have finished their life at Glenmorangie they move to Beyond the Cask, a partnership with Grain Surfboards that lovingly create beautiful surfboards from the oak staves that last a lifetime surfing the waves. 
The Glenmorangie Signet that adorns the labels of their whisky is inspired by the Hilton of Cadboll Stone which was carved by the Picts in the 8th Century AD in the far North East of Scotland.  With the passing of the centuries the stone was almost completely destroyed as it was battered by the Scottish weather and the original stone was relocated to the National Museum in Scotland to preserve what remained for future generations.  A replica was commissioned and created by Sculpture, Barry Grove, taking 14 months to hand carve with a hammer and chisel.  The Sculpture now sits on the original stone’s location on land that was donated by Glenmorangie to the Historic Hilton Trust for all to enjoy.

Glenmorangie’s exquisite range of single malt Scotch whiskies include The Original, The Lasanta, The Quinta Ruban and The Nector d’Or.   They all start life in the supersized copper stills but are matured very carefully by The Men of Tain in different casks to give each its unique aroma and taste.  

Glenmorangie Original is a ten year old single malt that is matured in a range of ex-bourbon white oak casks for a perfect balance between sweetness and complexity – a mature spirit that is soft, mellow and creamy.

The Lasanta is a rich and full bodied single malt whiskey from Glenmorangie receiving its unique flavour from the Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks it is matured in.  These casks give The Lasanta a rich raisin intensity with hints of toffee and spices.

The Quinta Rubin starts its maturing process in the same way as The Original maturing for 10 years on American white oak casks but is then transferred into Ruby Port Pipes from the Quintas wine region of Portugal.  The extra 2 or 4 years spent maturing in the port pipes gives the 12 or 14 year old Quinta Rubin a balance of sweet and dry flavours and a contrast of smooth and crisp cooling textures.  

The Nector d’Or is again started off in the Bourbon casks to obtain its initial smooth and fruity notes but is then transferred to wine casks from Sauternes bringing a layer of mellow sweetness from the sweet-wine growing region of the France.