Glenlivet Whisky Gifts

If you're looking for a gift for a Whisky lover, you can't beat Glenlivet. So what makes a good Glenlivet Whisky gift?

A single bottle presented in a wooden gift box is enough to make any Whisky lover smile. Whether with chocolates or on its own, we've to the perfect range of Glenlivet gift sets. All come with a personalised message and UK delivery, making them perfect to send to any Scotch Whisky lover in your life.

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Is Glenlivet good Whisky?

If there's any Glenlivet that stands out from the rest, it's the Founder's Reserve. Crafted as a tribute to their founder George Smith, this Single Malt Whisky is exceptional when it comes to flavour and aroma. Its complex character brings a creamy sweetness mixed with zesty fruits and a citrus sweet orange smell. Perfect to pair with salmon and light fish dishes, this Whisky is every Scotch lover's dream. That's why all of our Glenlivet gifts include a bottle of Founder's Reserve. So why not send someone a bottle of exceptional Whisky for any occasion.

What is the history of Glenlivet?

George Smith quietly and patiently distilled his illegal whisky in the isolated Livet valley with its beautiful hills and abundant natural springs. In August 1822 during a state visit, King George IV requested a dram of the already infamous Glenlivet whisky despite its illegal status. During these early years, George Smith survived the Customs officers, soldiers and smugglers and in 1824 was granted a licence to become the first legal distiller in Glenlivet. By 1839 he was producing 200 gallons a week and he was joined by Andrew Ushers & Sons of Edinburgh to spread the word of his whisky. It reached London and Charles Dickens wrote to a friend urging him to try the “rare old Glenlivet” declaring that he had discovered THE whisky. In 2010 Alan Winchester joined as Master Distiller to ensure that George Smith’s spirit lives on. In 2015 Alan created The Glenlivet Founders Reserve to celebrate 200 years since George first opened his distillery. Founders Reserve is distinctly smooth with a fruity taste –just as George Smith had envisioned his whisky would taste. Captain Bill Smith Grant was quoted to say “If we can’t make a good whisky then we shouldn’t make any whisky” -The Glenlivet remains the benchmark to which all other Speyside malts are measured against.

How can I send a bottle of Glenlivet Whisky by post?

No matter the distance, you can always send someone a single bottle of Glenlivet Whisky. Whatever the occasion, send a bottle straight to their door. Simply browse our range of Glenlivet gifts and place one into your online shopping basket. Then enter an address during checkout and we'll handle the rest! Next day or selected date delivery is available and all of our gifts include a personalised gift message. It's the perfect way to give any Whisky lover the perfect surprise. We also stock other Whisky gifts including Glenmorangie and Ardbeg. Browse our complete range of Whisky gifts to see our full collection. For more information about our website, products or delivery get in touch as we'dbe happy to help.