Signature Champagne Christmas Gift
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Signature Champagne Christmas Gift

🎄 Celebrate the festive season with our Signature Champagne Christmas Gift! A bottle of refined Paul Langier Brut Non Vintage Champagne, perfect for toasting the holiday cheer. Adorned with a 'Merry Christmas' label, it brings joy and sophistication to any Christmas gathering.
🍫 Accompanying the Champagne is a 125g box of exquisite Belgian chocolates, offering a symphony of rich and indulgent flavours. This delectable pairing elevates the festive experience, creating moments of delight and luxury.
🎁 Presented in an elegant black hamper box, this gift epitomizes class and elegance. The sleek design makes it an impressive and memorable present, ensuring your Christmas wishes are received with warmth and appreciation.
✨ The 'Merry Christmas' label is a work of art, featuring festive red hues on a pristine white background. The stylish font and design capture the essence of the season, making your heartfelt holiday message resonate with style and grace.


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