Krug Champagne Gift Sets

When looking for a Champagne gift, it's worth considering Krug. So what makes a good Krug Champagne gift?

Krug is a Champagne like no other, which is why a single bottle is enough to impress anyone. Whether with chocolates or in a luxury box, we have an exceptional range of Krug Champagne gifts. All come with a personalised message and can be sent anywhere in the UK. It's the perfect gift for any occasion!

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Is Krug a good Champagne?

Since 1843, The House of Krug has been producing and exceptional Champagnes. Located in Reims, it was Joseph Krug that started the dream of crafting the finest Champagne possible. Since then, six generations of the Krug family have carried on this dream, resulting in the finest selection of Champagnes. These include Krug Grande Cuvee, Krug Rose, Krug Vintage and many more. We offer an exclusive range of Krug Champagne gifts, all of which include a single bottle of Grande Cuvee. This is a blend of over 120 different wines from more than ten different years, creating the most full and refined taste. It's sure to make a beautiful gift for any occasion, so why not browse our range and send one today?

What are some good Krug Champagne gifts?

A single bottle is enough to impress any recipient. That's why all of our Krug Champagne gifts include one bottle. We always recommend our Krug Grande Cuvee gift box for any occasion. It's perfect for colleagues, work gifts, family occasions or just a beautiful surprise. Or, for those extra special occasions, we recommend our Krug Luxury gift. It's beautifully presented in a wood-stained and silk-lined gift box. For chocolate lovers, we offer two different Krug and chocolate gifts that are also suitable for any occasion. Whilst our selection may be small, it's top quality. We've carefully constructed and picked these gifts to ensure that no matter which one you choose, it's sure to make any recipient smile.

How do you serve Krug Champagne?

Krug Champagne is one to enjoy on its own. The complex and highly refined taste does not need masking with syrups, flavourings or any other mixers. That's why it's highly recommended to serve Krug Champagne simply on its own in a Champagne flute. It's the perfect drink for any celebratory event. Whether a wedding, corporate party or small gathering. So why not send someone a bottle of Krug to help them celebrate in style?

How can I send a Krug Champagne gift by post?

We can help you send a Krug Champagne gift anywhere in the UK, no matter the occasion or distance. Whether for a family member, friend or colleague, you don't have to miss out on sending the perfect surprise. Simply browse our range of Krug gifts and place one into your online shopping basket. Then enter an address during checkout, and we can have it delivered on a date of your choice. All of our gifts are handled with the utmost care and include a personalised gift message. We deliver our gifts in git boxes for extra protection. So why not browse our Krug collection to find the perfect gift to send today? For more information about our website, products or delivery, get in touch, and we'll help with any questions you may have.