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Pinot Grigio Wine GiftPinot Grigio is a white wine that has steadily increased in popularity every year since 2005.  Originally know as Pinot Gris, the variety has been around since the middle ages making it a stalwart of wine makers.  Even though Pinot Grigio is grown in many countries, both old and new world it is associated mainly with Italy and its regions in the north of the country. However, as more and more winemakers from around the world are now growing this variety, this may well not be the case in future.

Pinot Grigio wine from Italy is considered to be a light bodied wine, light in colour and has a crisp refreshing flavour to it and the one we stock from Bella Modella is no exception to that.

Due to the fact that Pinot Grigio can be bottled and on the market within 6-10 weeks after it has been fermented, it is sometimes

viewed as a more budget wine variety than many others, however that should not detract you from the great flavour and the refreshing zesty taste making it a fantastic choice for a quick glass of wine in the summer after work! They are equally at home in your home in the fridge and are sure to be a great accompaniment at any weekend bar-be-q. In fact the sheer thought of a glass/bottle of Pinot Grigio tends to conjure up images of summer days and warm evenings outside.

Our Pinot Grigio Wine Gifts are excellent value for a single bottle wine gift delivered in a wooden gift box are suitable for any occasion. Already tried this wine, then send a case of 12 bottles for 94.99, that’s less than £8 a bottle delivered.

This wine is one of our most popular and is seemed to be loved by many. Sold as a twin gift and also available as wine and chocolates our customers seem to find this a very appropriate gift to send to Mums.

Among our other Pinot Grigio wine gifts you can send it as a wine birthday gift complete with wine stopper, on its own with an ice bucket, with pate and biscuits, a teddy bear, with flowers or as a case of six if you just need to restock your fridge!

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