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How To Send Christmas Gifts To Multiple Addresses

How To Send Christmas Gifts To Multiple Addresses?

So, the kids have written their Christmas list and Santa is working flat out to be ready for the big day – this can mean only one thing, you have been tasked with arranging this year’s corporate gifts. Whether its 1-3 gifts to one address or 350 to 350 addresses we have your back so sit back and drink your festive coffee in its nice red cup!

Need Some Help Sending Christmas Gifts?

Our shopping cart allows you to process multiple orders to multiple addresses and then just complete the whole thing in one payment transaction (keeping those Elves in accounts happy too) You can even select a different gift for each recipient and obviously add the gift message as well.

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Simply start by selecting the first gift and enter the delivery details then select ‘send another gift’ and complete like that until you are done. Finally checkout and add your own details and then proceed to the payment page – done. You will even get emails confirming each delivery is on its way and again when it has arrived.

Not sure your quite in the festive spirit yet and don’t even want to do that much work, then simply download the multiple orders spreadsheet, email it to us at info@sparklingdirect.co.uk and our elves here will complete the whole process and then call you for the payment details – you really will think all your Christmas’s have come at once!!

Click here to download our multiple order spreadsheet